Customer & Corporate Services Scrutiny

Management Committee


Report of the Director of Governance and Head of Human Resources & Organisational Development  


11 October 2021

Organisational Development


1.        Customer & Corporate Services Scrutiny Committee has requested an overview of the Head of Service Structure and above.

2.        This paper provides that overview in hierarchical charts and further information is available on the internet.



3.        Staffing Matters and Urgency Committee in December 2020 agreed a new Corporate Leadership Group (CLG) structure. 

4.        That agreed structure was implemented in the main by April 2021.  Further vacancies have occurred and recruitment is ongoing.

5.        The CLG structure brought about net general savings of £80k.

6.        The Head of Service structures have been or are currently going through re-structures. 

7.        Head of Service roles are graded differently depending on the outcome of job evaluation.  Heads of Service roles are therefore at grades 11, 12 and 13.


8.        Annex A shows the CLG and Head of Service Structure for the Council.

9.        Annex B shows further detail that is available on the internet but included for ease of reference.

10.    There was no consultation involved in the production of this report as it is factual representation of the structure.


Council Plan


11.    The structure of Corporate Leadership is key to ensure that the Council Plan can be delivered.  



12.    There are no implications associated with this report.



Risk Management


13.    There are no risk associate with this report, as its reporting factual structures.




14.    To consider the information provided in the report.

Reason: To inform the Committee of the Corporate Leadership and Head of Service Structure

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Trudy Forster

Head of HR & OD Tel: 01904 553984


Chief Officer responsible for the report:

Janie Berry

Director of Governance




Report Approved





Specialist Implications Officer(s):  None

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Background Papers:


SMU December 2020


SMU June 2021




Annex A – Hierarchical Charts

Annex B – Allocation of Service Responsibilities




CLG  Corporate Leadership Group

HR    Human Resources

OD    Organisational Development