Forward Plan: Executive Meeting: 30 September 2021


Table 1: Items scheduled on the Forward Plan for the Executive Meeting on 14 October 2021


Title and Description


Portfolio Holder

Haxby Station – Site Selection

Purpose of Report

To consider the potential sites for a new Haxby Station and recommend a single preferred site to be taken forward for further development.

Executive will be asked to: (subject to previous approvals at Executive on 30 September 2021) approve a preferred single site to take forward for further development as the potential location of the new Haxby Station.

Richard Holland

Executive Member for Transport

Highways Infrastructure Asset Management Plan

Purpose of Report

This report requests approval to introduce a strategic approach for the asset management of York’s highway network. The Highways Asset Management Plan (HIAMP) is required to optimise the allocation of resources
for the management, operation, preservation and enhancement of the highway infrastructure to meet the needs of current and future users of the transport network

The Executive will be asked to approve the introduction of the Highways Infrastructure Asset Management Plan and note the revision to the Highway Safety Inspection Manual.

Bill Manby

Executive Member for Transport

Housing Delivery Programme Update

Purpose of Report

The report provides an update on the Housing Delivery Programme and will set out a development budget for the Ordnance Lane/Hospital Fields Rd project which will trigger the submission of the planning application. The report also updates on public engagement work at Willow House, developing ideas at York Central and other potential community housing projects.

The Executive will be asked to agree the allocation of a development budget from the agreed HRA capital programme and the agreement to proceed with community housing schemes.

Michael Jones

Executive Member for Housing & Safer Neighbourhoods


School Capital Works at Millthorpe and Manor Schools to Accommodate the Expected Demand for Pupils Places from within the Schools Catchment Area by September 2022

Purpose of Report

To provide details about the capital work needed to create additional accommodation to fulfil an expected temporary 3-year demand for pupils living in the catchment areas for Millthorpe and Manor schools in Secondary Planning Area West (SPA West).

The Executive will be asked to approve the use of the basic need funding to complete capital works at Millthorpe and Manor Schools to accommodate additional school places to fulfil the Local Authority Statutory Sufficiency Duty.


Claire McCormick

Lead member: Executive Member for Children, Young People and Education


Table 2: Items scheduled on the Forward Plan for the Executive Meeting on 18 November 2021

Refresh of York’s Parish Charter

Purpose of Report

To set out an updated version of York’s Parish Charter following consultation with Local Councils.


The Executive will be asked to note the report.


Charlie Croft

Executive Member for Culture, Leisure and Communities


Table 3: Items Slipped on the Forward Plan


Title & Description


Portfolio Holder

Original Date

Revised Date