Customer & Corporate Services Scrutiny Management Committee

6 September 2021


Report of the Director of Governance

Update on Monitoring and Tracking of Approved Council Motions


This report provides further information for the Committee on the Council’s monitoring and tracking practices in place for approved Council Motions.


The Committee received an update on the process the Council follows for monitoring and tracking Council Motions once approved, however, Members asked for more detail around this process. 

CMT have an overarching monitoring role of Council Motions, once approved, the Motion is allocated to a Chief Officer and CMT track the progress of the Motion.  In addition, Executive appoints an Executive Member to help deliver the Motion in question.  This allows for the Chief Officer and the Executive Member to work on the Council Motion.

A report of Council Motions was produced at the May Meeting, and it was resolved that going forward a bi-annual update would be presented for review at this Committee or Audit and Governance Committee, therefore, the next update is due later in the year.



Not applicable to this report.

Human Resources (HR)

Not applicable to this report.


Not applicable to this report, however, equalities issues may arise within specific motions.


Not applicable to this report.

Crime and Disorder, Information Technology and Property

Not applicable to this report.

Members are asked to consider the information provided and comment upon existing processes and any next steps and determine whether the bi-annual report should be presented to this Committee, or Audit and Governance Committee.
Reason:  In order to ensure that processes for monitoring and implementing approved Council motions resolutions are sufficiently robust.



Rachel Antonelli

Senior Solicitor & Interim

Deputy Monitoring Officer

 Chief Officer Responsible for the report: Janie Berry

Director of Governance &

Monitoring Officer

Tel:  01904 555385

Tel:  01904 551043



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26 August 2021





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