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147.  Petition to CYC from Yearsley Crescent residents, YO31 8RS – we the undersigned, the residents of Yearsley Crescent, petition the council to carry out a consultation for our street to become a Residents Priority Parking Area.

Paper petition presented by Cllr Douglas (Heworth Ward Member) on 19 December 2019.

Petition signed by 31 people

Tony Clarke

Executive Member for Transport


Resolved: That Option 2 be approved, to include the addition of this street to the residents parking waiting list


148. Title: Stop plans to cut cars from using the city centre

Statement: We the undersigned petition the council to stopping the public using cars in the city centre and within the walls.



Tony Clarke

Executive Member for Transport


Report will make recommendations to Executive as to the scope and phase approach for the LTP.


149. 5G Planning Permissions.

We the undersigned petition the Council to stopping any proposals, plans or attempts to introduce 5G technology to the geographical area covered by the City of York Council.  We believe there is a serious & incalculable risk to the health of present & future generations.  We also believe that any support, financial or otherwise, by CYC is a wholly inappropriate & unjustifiable use of resources.


Petition signed by 8 people

Sharon Stoltz



Officer response


150.  Petition rec’d from Chairman of YTAG titled:

City Of York Council to Postpone taxi tests/fees

We are asking due to the current situation in our country that all taxi

test are postponed and no taxi tests should take place in April/May

and all vehicle licenses to be granted or delayed. Should the council

wish to apply any admin fees this should not be more than £20 to

include vehicle license and taxi test checks such as Mot, Insurance

and Road Tax. Taxi tests through the county have all been delayed

including HGV and buses

Email sent to Matt Boxall on 31 March 2021

98 signatories

Matt Boxall, Head of Public Protection

To be considered under New Officer Delegation Decision Process


Deputy Chief Executive under delegated emergency powers agreed:


To postpone licensed vehicle inspections for existing taxis for at least three months, up to and including 30 June 2020, and for officers to carry out interim on-line MOT and tax status checks ‘free of charge’ prior to the renewal of hackney carriage vehicle licences.



151: Title: Request for Resident Parking from Residents of St Edward’s Close

Paper petition email as pdf presented to Cllr D’Agorne

20 signatures

Sue Gill

To be considered under the New Officer Delegation Procedures by Director/ Exec Member for Transport

2 June 2020

To place on waiting list.  Consultation to take place when it reaches the top of the list.


Petition leaders informed 2 June 2020


152. Speed restriction outside Moorlands Nature Reserve


We the undersigned petition the Council to enforce a 20mph speed limit outside Moorlands Nature Reserve.

ePetition – 21.09.20

Petition signed by 65 people

Tony Clarke

Executive Member for Transport

4 March 2021

Officer acknowledged receipt and advised the lead petitioner the location will be added to a list of similar speed limit review requests and assessed when resources permit.


153. Cllr Musson, on behalf of residents calling for Safe Zones to protect service users and residents from harassment outside abortion clinics.

Petition presented at Full Council – 29.10.20

2,363 to date

Tracey Carter/Mike Jones

Executive Member for Housing & Safer Neighbourhoods


The report will acknowledge receipt of the petition and advise on an appropriate course of action.


154. Cllr D’Agorne, on behalf of residents calling for a zebra crossing ag the junction of Fawcett Street and Kent Street. 

Petition presented at Full Council – 29.10.20

355 at submission, 386 at 27/04/21

Tony Clarke/

Andy Vose

Executive Member for Transport




155.  Petition rec’d from Alison Hume to reopen York City Centre to the disabled.

Petition sent via email to Cllr D’Agorne 2.11.20.


Andy Kerr/Tony Clarke



To be considered as part of “The future of the extended city centre footstreets” report.


156. From York Must Act Calling on the Council to support the Europe Must Act campaign to welcome refugees from the Greek Aegean Islands.

Online petition presented to Cllr Webb (Heworth Ward Member) and presented to Council on 22 March 2021

Online Petition signed by 828 people


Executive Member Culture, Leisure and Communities