York Learning Strategic Plan



                             ANNEX 1








Areas covered across City

Whilst there isn’t a course running in every ward, all residents have a choice from a range of offer they can attend centrally, online or nearby


Last Ofsted Rating

Good (Nov 20)

Self-Assessment Rating

Good (Jan 21)



Total Learner Enrolment numbers 20/21






York Learning identifies the following key priorities from the Council Plan that we support and contribute towards.


Safe Communities and Culture for All

Nos/Enrolments Performance 20/21

Target for 21/22

Progress to date








Understanding and participating in a language develops an understanding of other cultures and encourages a more equal and diverse approach to others.   We believe that this helps encourage a mutual respect within communities.


Heritage Skills




This wide offer develops personal interest and skills to support the cultural visual arts and crafts environment that York has to offer.  Many learners go on to become self-employed artist, designers or benefit from improved mental health and wider social interactions to prevent feelings of isolation.


Community Arts Events

7 events

194 enrolments

8 events

250 enrolments


There are varieties of events that run as introductory free activities to engage with residents through particular events.  It engages with a wide range of groups across our communities particularly; different style of craft groups, schools, charities etc.  These may also be events like the Adult Learning in York Week or particular events such as the Inspirations Art Show, The Fashion Show or Santa’s socks enabling us to engage with a wide range of community groups and bring them together.


Prevent and Safeguarding

986 video induction views


Tutor talk at the start of every course





York Learning has robust Prevent and Safeguarding processes, all tutors are trained 3 yearly and highlight these to all learners as part of course induction.  This supports our learners and partner organisations.  Prevent and safeguarding both feed into safer communities and supports our residents understanding of what to do if the need should arise.


Well paid Jobs and an inclusive Economy

Enrolments Performance 20/21

Target for 21/22

Progress to date




Improve Essential Skills – English, maths, Digital, Employability




We are optimistically cautious in a full return to the classroom for the next academic year.  There will still be online learning opportunities and blended learning but when teaching lower levels of skills such as Entry and Level 1 face to face has, the most impact and supports good achievement rates.


1-1 Careers Information Advice & Guidance

And + full assessments







All accredited courses have processes in place to do individual advice & guidance and assessment opportunities.  However, these are the numbers for those with dedicated 1-1 time, which has more impact and supports individuals to understand what skills they need to improve on if any and what opportunities there are in the City for employment, volunteering, progression.


Apprenticeships, Work Based (wbl)/ Vocational Learning   &

Level 3+ skills

99 (apprenticeships)

90 (WBL)




There is a choice to employers and employees of both apprenticeships and higher-level learner loans to support learning in the workplace.  We cover Childcare, Adult Care, Business Administration, and Management.  We are currently losing two tutor assessors and accept this may affect recruitment this year.


Job fairs



Plan for October 2021

See focus section 2 below area 2.3 for update


Counselling Programme  L2,L3,L4




Most learners progress from L2 up to L4 to gain employment or self-employment in counselling.


Vocational courses aimed at employment or to support Self Employment

66 enrolments



There is a range of courses to support those who want to reskill when not in the workplace or to become self-employed.  These include Digital Skills at L2 & L3, Bookkeeping and Payroll L1-L3, Putting a Business together/tax/marketing etc. & web design.  Web design and bookkeeping is difficult to teach online and we hope will recapture a wider audience now we are back to face-to-face.



Good Health and Wellbeing

Enrolments Performance 20/21

Target for 21/22

Progress to date




Arts, Crafts, Fitness and Leisure opportunities


(inc. 650 Heritage skills)



We are starting September with a return to the classroom for some parts of our offer.  This has attracted a return of some learners who did not engage online.  We will continue with our successful online programmes also and other blended/hybrid styles.   Not all of these enrolments are funded places, many are also full costs activities but based within local areas to residents.  Many learners articulate that these classes help support them substantially to reduce their isolation, build confidence, improve their health and wellbeing, make new friends and become part of a community group.


Positive Progressions (PP), Action Towards Inclusion (ATI), Future Goals (FP)




ESF funded projects that enable us to work with those furthest away from the job market.  These projects enable us to engage on a 1-1 basis to discuss barriers to employment and learning and setting targets and actions to enable participants to improve their life opportunities.  Future Goals specifically works with those who are between yrs 18-24.  PP and ATI projects have been extended until March (referrals) and June (completions) 2023.  FG ends this December.



As 2 above



Recruitment across all levels has been strong even through Lockdown.  Recruiting and training Counsellors will help to support York to provide adequately trained personnel to keep counselling services with access to locally and quality trained staff.


Better start for Children and Young People

Enrolments Performance 20/21

Target for 21/22

Progress to date




Family Learning




The Family Learning team will be working directly with 8 of our primary schools this year specifically looking at key areas such as parent input in developing wider reading with younger children. Strategic partnership development within the Early Talk for York project has led to additional funding (Shine Educational Trust) and impact research capacity (Huntington Research School) for this work.


Routes 16-19 Study programme


Positive Outcomes










This study programme runs at Winterscale House near Fishergate and is targeted at those young people who have struggled with school and are not yet ready for an apprenticeship or college and do not have the life skills to get a job.


High Needs Support and Special Educational Needs 16-24



Fully on track

Application to access increased funding to cover more learners has been submitted


Key Areas of Focus

Target Date

Performance 20/21

Target for 21/22

Progress to date


Consolidate partnership working with North Yorkshire County Council and agree a strategy for future collaborative working

New Joint Head

Paul Cliff Starts on 1st September

Starting afresh with new post

 June 2022

This will restart with a fresh perspective


Continue to secure and extend provision for High needs support students as part of a “Personalised Learning”  for 16-19 year olds and for 19-24 with learning difficulties and disabilities





The service is hampered by its limited ESFA funding contract and will therefore continue to put robust business cases to our regional ESFA contact in support of growth. 


The service has submitted a separate business case with regard to High Needs learner number to increase numbers for the year 2021-2022. 




Deliver 4 jobs fair as part of a strategy to support York residents into work

1st by end of October 2021



We are hoping that there will be a positive return to job fairs in October. 


Continuing to develop further English for Speakers of Other Languages programmes in response to demand




Whilst potential growth is clear to our service experts, we continue to be limited by access to city centre premises and will be seeking advice, guidance, and funding within CYC to assist.  Currently we have secured additional rooms at the Citadel for 2021/22 but funding of venues for this type of learning is difficult and support is still required with this. 



Revise and develop new Family Learning Programmes to reinvigorate the programme and develop further support for learners




Whilst disrupted by school closures and restrictions, work is continuing behind the scenes to connect with Early Help Health and Early Years Teams so we still feel positive progress in this area will continue.   Tutors are back working with schools to recruit parents onto courses from September.


Improve recruitment to digital skills from entry point’s up to work place competence and those digitally excluded.




It is hoped that with the return to face-to-face delivery that numbers will return to pre-covid positions.  We continue to support learners to access reconditioned IT equipment so that they can access courses from home and keep those devices for themselves.  Whilst also loaning out equipment to support learning.  We have also invested in online software access to make courses more accessible outside of the classroom.


Develop new community links to enable access to courses for social prescribing purposes and to target disadvantaged groups


8 new connections


New partnerships have been

formed with a variety of groups to support social prescribing onto our courses such as; York CVS; KYRA; York Carers & Young Carers; Yorkey Dads;.  We have also refreshed our working with IDAS & Changing Lives and others.  We continue to support and offer services to the following RAY, Community Hubs and various Community Centres; New Earswick Folk Hall and the libraries.




Develop a new curriculum incorporating creative digital design and digital editing skills, marketing, photography




This curriculum we believe will support progression towards Higher level digital and artistic training needs.  These skills are in demand now and will develop higher-level skills to meet the future skills needs.  We believe a comprehensive curriculum design can complement the following areas; Digital & Coding, Art & Photography, Work Based and Apprenticeships, 16-18 Study Programme and may suit a small proportion of the High Needs Learners.


Develop strong community signposting and delivery of information advice and guidance using the Community Hubs and volunteers to support new Skills hubs moving forward.




Working within the community hubs network build networking capacity and develop volunteer and community workers’ skills In signposting and making appropriate referrals to support services.