Decision Session - Executive Member for Culture, Leisure & Communities

7 September 2021


Report of the Assistant Director (Customer and Communities)


York Learning – Strategic / Service Plan 2021/22


1.        This report presents York Learning’s position for the academic year 2021/22, offers clear areas for development and highlights areas of the provision that continue to grow and demonstrate success.  Points of challenge and insecurity are also noted.


2.        The Executive Member is asked to consider the attached Strategic / Service Plan and approve it subject to any suggested amendments.

Reason: To help York Learning to plan and monitor its service and to ensure sound governance arrangements.


3.        York Learning is a council service that delivers a range of learning programmes to support people into employment, to improve their skills and to support their personal development.  The service is funded almost exclusively from external contract funding and fee income. For the academic year 2021/2022 is approximately £3.2m.


4.        This report is an important element in enabling the service to demonstrate to Ofsted that it has secure and robust governance arrangements are in place.



5.        The plan is presented for consultation and approval. It has been consulted upon with senior managers from the service with a focus on the coming year.  The plan also reflects input from the York Learning Improvement Board.


Options and Analysis

7.        The attached plan is presented for comment and amendment by the Executive Member prior to approval.

Monitoring and Review

8.        Performance against the action plan will be monitored and discussed by the York Learning Improvement Board and then reported by the chair of the board to the Children, Education and Communities Scrutiny Committee.  In February, the Executive Member receives the service’s self-assessment report, which draws on performance in the previous academic year and helps to shape the strategic plan for the following academic year.

Corporate Objectives

9.        York Learning’s plan is set within the context of the Council Plan and emerging Skills Plan.  The service promotes an offer that supports the overall health and wellbeing of communities affording York residents the opportunity to secure well-paid jobs within an inclusive economy; a better start for children and young people; safe communities and culture for all.  The service responds to a number of sub regional, regional and national policy objectives. The service will adapt to the asks that come out of the Local Enterprise Partnership objectives and will be central to the skills statement as part of the devolution process.

10.    The service will continue to work with a range of partners including schools, FE and HEI partners and this is viewed as an opportunity to challenge our current provision and shape it to allow conduits to higher level qualifications and all the opportunities that brings for individuals and their chances to lead healthier and wealthier lives.


11.    Finance:  The service is funded via external contracts and grants.  The budget remains challenging and the service will continue to seek additional income streams.

12.    The report has no additional Human Resources, Equalities, Legal, Crime and Disorder, Information Technology, Property or other implications beyond those highlighted in the plan.

Risk Management

13.    In compliance with the Council’s risk management strategy the main risks identified associated with the areas of work covered in this report are operational, affecting delivery of the Council’s business objectives and its image and reputation.  Measured in terms of impact and likelihood, the risk score has been assessed at 10 which equates to “Low”.  This is acceptable but means that regular monitoring will be required of the Quality Improvement Plans.


Annex 1 – York Learning Strategic Plan 2021/22




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Chief Officer Responsible for the report:

Angela Padfield

Head of York Learning

Charlie Croft

Assistant Director (Customer & Communities)

Charlie Croft

Assistant Director (Customer & Communities)

Report Approved



26th August 2021

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