Annex 3. YCW Project success measures

Outcomes (up to April 2023)


How measured 1

How measured 2

How measured 3

A nature based solution to climate change mitigation as part of a local, national and international pathway to net zero carbon

Based on a site of 78 hectares and depending upon the density of planting and species of tree, the woodland could sequester approximately 28,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent over 50 years

Modelled rate/scale of carbon sequestration (using Carbon Code methodology)

No. of trees planted (net)

Hectares of new wet woodland / wood meadow / re-wilded woodland created

A new amenity woodland connecting more people with nature via new/enhanced nature rich active travel corridors joining up the city’s green infrastructure and improving peoples’ health and wellbeing (More people engaged in active travel and healthy lifestyles)

% increase in the No. of people visiting the site/area from a 2021 baseline (tbc)

No. of people using bridleway (active travel incl. walking / running / cycling / riding) Baseline survey 2021 (tbc)

km of new/enhanced active travel corridors


Increased biodiversity and wildlife habitats, enhancement and protection of threatened and endangered species

Biodiversity net gain

PEA/YEYEDC baseline data - March 2021



New employment, volunteering and nature based learning opportunities through woodland creation and longer term woodland management as part of York’s growing green economy

XX woodland creation jobs (temp) / X woodland management jobs (temp) / 1200 volunteer hours (30 people x 4 hrs x 10 days) / 1200 hrs of nature based learning (30 people x 4 hrs x 10 days)

No. of jobs created

No. of volunteer hours

No. of hours of nature based learning opportunities

Greater public involvement in nature, improving awareness of, and skills for, nature conservation

Minimum of 400 residents engaged in woodland co-design / Minimum of 400 residents engaged in woodland creation

No. of people actively engaged in woodland co-design

No. of people actively engaged in woodland creation