Coronavirus protocols for attending Committee Meetings at West Offices


If you are attending a meeting in West Offices, you must observe the following protocols.

All windows must remain open within the meeting room to maintain good ventilation.

If the windows have to be closed due to weather or external noise levels then the meeting must close.

Furniture must not be moved from the designated safe layout.

If you’re displaying possible coronavirus symptoms (or anyone in your household is displaying symptoms), you must follow government self-isolation guidance and must NOT attend your meeting at West Offices.



The Council encourages regular testing of all Officers and Members and also any members of the public in attendance at a Committee Meeting.  Any members of the public attending a meeting are advised to take a test within 24 hours of attending a meeting, the result of the test should be negative, in order to attend.  Test kits can be obtained by clicking on either link:  Find where to get rapid lateral flow tests - NHS (, or, Order coronavirus (COVID-19) rapid lateral flow tests - GOV.UK (  Alternatively, if you call 119 between the hours of 7am and 11pm, you can order a testing kit over the telephone.


Guidelines for attending Meetings at West Offices

You must:

·         Not arrive more than 10 minutes early

·         Wear a face covering whilst entering and moving around within the Meeting room where 2m distancing cannot be maintained unless exempt.

·         Visitors to enter West Offices by the customer entrance and Councillors to enter using the staff entrance only.

·         Members of the Public must wear a face covering (unless exempt) on entering the building which needs to remain in place throughout the meeting (unless they are invited to speak)

·         Ensure your ID / visitors pass is clearly visible at all times

·         Use the touchless hand sanitiser units on entry and exit to the building and those within the Meeting room.

·         Keep to the left and adhere to social distancing where possible when using staircases and walkways, giving way on the staircase landings

·         You must sit at the dedicated spaces around the table and if screens are in place do not move them or lean around them.

·         Bring your own drink if required

·         Maintain social distancing of 2 metres within toilet areas and remain vigilant for other occupants

·         Only use the designated toilets next to the Meeting room



Please note: If you intentionally, or repeatedly, breach any of the social distancing measures, or hygiene instructions, you will be asked to leave the building.   

Developing symptoms whilst in West Offices

If you develop coronavirus symptoms during a Meeting, you should:

·         make your way home immediately

·         avoid the use of public transport where possible

·         self-isolate for 10 days

You should also:

·         Advise the Meeting organiser so they can arrange to assess and carry out additional cleaning

·         Continue to observe social distancing

·         Do not remain in the building any longer than necessary

·         Do not visit any other areas of the building before you leave

If you receive a positive test result, or if you develop any symptoms before the meeting is due to take place, you must not attend the meeting.