Audit & Governance Committee

28th July 2021


Report of the Monitoring Officer


Progress update on the PIR Action Plan




1.       The Council is required to deliver the Action Plan approved by Full Council in response to receipt of the Report in the Public Interest on 19th April 2021.


Model Code of Conduct


2.       On 23rd June 2021, the Joint Standards Committee held a workshop facilitated by Hoey Ainscough Ltd, who are specialist advisors in respect of the national member code of conduct framework, to discuss the LGA Model Code of Conduct which was implemented in May 2021.

3.       The Joint Standards Committee extended an invitation to the Chair and Vice Chair of the Audit & Governance Committee and actively sought their views as regards the proposed Model Code.

4.       At their (physical) meeting on 6th July 2021, the Joint Standards Committee recommended the Model Code of Conduct to Full Council for inclusion in the Council’s Constitution.

5.       In doing so, Joint Standards Committee have supported two minor changes which are as follows:


·        The value of a gift and or hospitality be set at £25; and

·        That in the event a Councillor declines a gift and or hospitality, it should be declared to the Monitoring Officer who will retain an informal register.


6.       The Next Steps are: 


·        Development of Member and Officer training so as to ensure all are familiarised and have a thorough understanding of the Code;

·        Joint Standards Committee has asked for a review of the supporting procedures such as those which relate to complaints;

·        Work with York Association of Local Council’s to ensure all Parish Councils are supported as to whether they wish to adopt the Model Code now adopted by City of York Council as the principal authority.


7.       The next meeting of Joint Standards Committee is 23rd September 2021


Support from the LGA


8.       Following on from the last meeting, the LGA has agreed to support City of York Council in its implementation of the Action Plan. 

9.       The LGA has been provided with the following:


·        The Report in the Public Interest dated 19th April 2021;

·        The Agenda prepared for the Extraordinary meeting of Council on 4th May 2021;

·        The Implementation Plan and supporting agenda items for the Audit & Governance Committee on 16th June 2021;

·        A link to the meeting of the Audit & Governance Committee held on 16th June 2021


10.      The LGA is now in the process of putting a proposal together.





Not applicable to this report.


Human Resources (HR)

Not applicable to this report.



Where necessary, an equalities impact assessment will be undertaken in respect of any issues arising from the delivery of the Action Plan which will inform decision making and the public sector equality duties.



There are no legal implications directly arising from this report but issues may arise during the course of the delivery of the Action Plan which will be the subject of legal advice as and when necessary or required.


Crime and Disorder, Information Technology and Property

Not applicable to this report.


To note the progress made in respect of delivery of the Action Plan.


Author &  Chief Officer responsible for the report:

Janie Berry

Director of Governance & Monitoring Officer


01904 555385




Report Approved








Specialist Implications Officer(s):  Trudy Forster, Head of HR, Debbie Mitchell, s151 Officer

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For further information please contact the author of the report.

Background Papers:

·        Agenda for the Extraordinary Meeting of Council on 4th May 2021 which includes the Public Interest Report and Action Plan.

·        Agenda for the Audit & Governance Committee on 16th June 2021.

·        Agenda for the Joint Standards Committee on 6th July 2021.


·        Detailed Action Plan.