Decision Session -

Executive Member for Transport


20 July 2021

Report of the Director of Transport, Environment and Planning


Annual Review of Traffic Regulation Order Requests



1.      Approval is requested to advertise the amendments to the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) required to introduce the restrictions detailed in Annexes A to S. In addition, if there are no objections raised with regard to the above proposals, approval is requested to implement the amendments to the Traffic Regulation Order.


2.           The recommendation for each request is identified in Annexes A to S.

Timescale: Where applicable amendments will be legally advertised during August/September with notices placed on street and in the local press.


3.           All the non-urgent requests for waiting restrictions or other changes to the TRO received over the past 18 months for the whole of the authority have been grouped together to be considered at the same time. There are 83 requests considered in this report – See Annex T for summary. The attached Annexes A to S outline the requests received on a ward by ward basis along with officers’ recommended action where appropriate.



4.           The proposals have to be advertised in the local press giving 3 weeks for people to make representations. In addition, notices will be put up on street and the properties adjacent to the proposals sent details as they are the most likely to be affected. Any objections received to the proposals will be brought back to a subsequent Executive Member Decision Session for a decision on how to proceed.


5.           The options available for each item are:

A.              Approve the officers recommendation for proposals to be advertised, or not, for each location.

B.              Defer the proposal for further information to be brought back to a subsequent Decision meeting.

C.             Amend the proposal depending on circumstances.


6.           A number of non-urgent requests for changes to the TRO are received each year. Typically, these are for additional “no waiting at any time” (double yellow line) restrictions or minor changes to Residents’ Priority Parking (ResPark) Schemes. These requests are considered together on an annual basis; this saves officer time and money, because any changes can all be advertised at the same time, and helps to ensure parity of treatment. In each case site visits are carried out to determine to what extent there is a traffic management or safety problem. The proposals in Annexes A to S have been circulated to ward councillor’s representatives for their comments. Any comments received have been included in the Annexes.

Council Plan

7.           Considering this matter contributes to the Council Plan building an open and effective council by engaging with all members of the local community.



8.           Financial There are modest costs associated with the advertising and implementation of the proposals, these are estimated for each item in the Annexes. Cumulatively the costs of the proposed changes is approx. £24k which will be funded from existing transport budgets in 21/22

         Human Resources (HR) There are no HR implications

         Equalities The Council recognises its duty under section 149 of the Equality Act 2010 to have due regard to equalities in the exercise of its functions. There are no equalities implications identified in respect of the matters discussed in this report. The process of consulting on the applications mentioned in this report will identify any equalities implications on a case by case basis.




         Legal Any proposals which are eventually implemented will become enforceable by the Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers in the same way as existing waiting restrictions.


         Crime and Disorder There are no Crime and Disorder implications Information Technology (IT) There are no IT implications Property There are no Property implications

         Other There are no other implications


Risk Management

9.           In compliance with the Council’s risk management strategy there is a low risk associated with the recommendations in this report.



Contact Details




Chief   Officer   Responsible   for   the


Geoff Holmes

Traffic Projects Officer, Traffic Management Tel No. 01904 551475

James Gilchrist

Director of Transport, Environment & Planning


Report Approved

Date  9 July 2021





Wards Affected: All





For further information please contact the author of the report


Background Papers: N/A





Annex A Acomb Ward Annex B Bishopthorpe Ward Annex C Clifton Ward

Annex D Copmanthorpe Ward

Annex E Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward Annex F Fishergate Ward

Annex G Fulford and Heslington Ward


Annex H Guildhall Ward

Annex I Haxby and Wigginton Ward Annex J Heworth Ward

Annex K Holgate Ward

Annex L Huntington and New Earswick Ward Annex M Hull Ward

Annex N Micklegate Ward

Annex O Osbaldwick and Derwent Ward Annex P Rawcliffe and Clifton Without Ward Annex Q Rural West York Ward

Annex R Strensall Ward Annex S Wheldrake Ward

Annex T summary list of locations