Chairman : Cllr Gill Shaw   Clerk : Julie Bone Tel : 01904 672199

Email :parish.clerk@dunningtonparishcouncil.gov.uk

Dunnington Parish Councillors are summoned to Dunnington Parish Council Meeting on Monday 4th May 2021 at 7.30pm (after the APM)

(To be held as a virtual Meeting)


1                     FORMALITIES

1.1               Parish Council to receive apologies for absence given in advance of the meeting

1.2               Parish Council to consider the approval of reasons for absence

1.3               Previous Meeting Minutes 11/4/21 to be approved

1.4               Declarations of Interest

2                     EXCLUSION OF PRESS AND PUBLIC

2.1               The Parish Council will resolve to exclude the press and public, from the meeting for any item where the publicity of the matter being prejudicial to the public interest or by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted or for other special reasons


Any member of the parish may speak for up to 5 minutes on any matter on the Agenda with the session lasting no more than 20 minutes

4                ANNUAL ACCOUNTS 2020-21

4.1          Annual Governance Statement

4.1.1      The Parish Council to consider the findings of the review carried out, of the                          effectiveness of the system of Internal Control and preparation of the Annual Governance     Statement

4.1.2       The Parish Council to approve the Annual Governance Statement by resolution.

4.2          The Accounting Statements

4.2.1       The Parish Council to consider the Accounting Statements

4.2.2       The Parish Council to Approve the Accounting Statements by resolution

4.2.3       The Accounting statements to be signed and dated by the person presiding at the                             meeting

4.3          Approval of Public Rights Notification

5                POLICE REPORT

5.1          Police Report


6.1          Parish Council to discuss and adopt Freedom of Information policy




7.1          Contingency Plans to be discussed



9.1          Decision to be made in respect of meeting in June after Government decisions are            finalised.

10           CEMETERY

10.1        Parish Council to discuss and decide on the two quotes for the removal of the      dangerous tree in the cemetery.

11           ENVIRONMENT

11.1        Parish Council to discuss and decide on quotes for signs for the Millennium Garden           and the Green


12.1        Full updated Accounts and Accruals to date for 2020/21

12.2        Parish Council to approve all cheques to be signed

12.3        Correspondence

                Various items received by email from Ward Councillors, COYC, YLCA and Parishioners

13           REVIEWS

                To report by exception

14           PLANNING - Ongoing Applications         

14.1        Os Field 2800 Eastfield Lane Dunnington York - Erection of 78 dwellings, landscaping,       public open space and associated infrastructure

14.2        Ridgeway 2 Greencroft Court Dunnington York YO19 5NN - Single storey extension to       side and rear following demolition of existing garage

14.3        1 Kendal Close Dunnington York YO19 5PG - Two storey side extension

14.4        14 Hunters Wood Way Dunnington York YO19 5RA - Single storey side extension

14.5        Highthorn Stamford Bridge Road Dunnington York YO19 5LN - Conversion of the                 existing agricultural building (located in field to the north east of Highthorn) to form                 1no. dwelling with associated works and infrastructure; and change of use              agricultural land to domestic curtilage. Alteration and widening of the vehicle access   from Stamford Bridge Road

14.6        Lodge Farm  Hull Road Dunnington York YO19 5LR - Two storey side and single storey       rear extension, porch and replacement canopies to front, and erection of 3 bay garage                following demolition of garage and conservatory

14.7        Land Adjacent Unit 6 Hassacarr Close Dunnington York - Variation of condition 11 of         permitted application 20/01496/FUL to alter BREEAM requirement. Removal of              Conditions 5 (submission of investigation and risk assessment), 6 (submission of     remediation scheme) , 7 (Submission of Verification report), 8 (separate systems of                 drainage for foul and surface water), 9 (Submission of foul and surface water       drainage scheme) , 10 (no piped discharge of surface water) of planning permission               20/01496/FUL.

14.8        Laurentide  Common Lane Dunnington York YO19 5LS - Raising of roof with hip to              gable roof extensions to sides, front and rear; single storey front and rear extensions, 3no. rooflights to front and 2no. rooflights to rear

14.9        30 The Manor Beeches Dunnington York YO19 5PX - Two storey side extension and           single storey front and rear extensions following demolition of existing garage

14.10     13 Derwent Estate Dunnington York YO19 5QL - Single storey rear extension following     demolition of existing conservatory

14.11     Coney Garth Farm  Hull Road Dunnington York YO19 5LW - Reserved matters       application for access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale pursuant to outline     planning permission 20/01073/OUT


15           PLANNING - New Applications

15.1        90 Kerver Lane Dunnington York YO19 5SH - Single storey rear extension

15.2        15 York Street Dunnington York YO19 5PN - Installation of 2no. dormers and 1no.              roof light to rear, replace existing uPVC windows to front with timber windows

15.3        27 Church Street Dunnington York YO19 5PP - Work to Oak to reduce one branch by         2m supressing Ginkgo biloba, remove deadwood, prune to maintain shape and light      crown lift in a Conservation Area

15.4        Caravannah 9 Common Road Dunnington York YO19 5NG - Fell 3no. Leylandii, 1no.           Willow, 1no. Sycamore and 1no. Ash - tree works in a Conservation Area


16           PLANNING - Decisions (COYC)

16.1        The Birches  13 Church Street Dunnington York YO19 5PP - Crown reduce a Silver Birch    tree by 30% in a Conservation Area – Approved

16.2        2 Thornhill  Bore Tree Baulk Dunnington York YO19 5HD - Single storey rear extension -   Approved

16.3        16 Hunters Wood Way Dunnington York YO19 5RA - Erection of garage to side. -                 Approved

16.4        3 Undercroft Dunnington York YO19 5RP - Single storey rear extension and single               storey extension to rear of garage following demolition of conservatory – Approved

16.5        4 The Sycamores  Bore Tree Baulk Dunnington York YO19 5HD - Single storey       extension to front – Refused

16.6        Wold View 18 Church Street Dunnington York YO19 5PW - Two storey rear            extension, 1no. rooflight and canopy to rear – Householder Approval



17.1        1 Church St

17.2        Travellers Site A166


18           AOB

Next Meeting to be advised venue to be arranged.