Outbreak Management Advisory Board


09 June 2021

Report of the Director of Public Health



Progress Report – Recommendations of LGA Peer Challenge of Outbreak Management Plan

Decisions required from Outbreak Management Advisory Board:


The report is for information only to update the Board on progress made against the recommendations of the LGA Peer Challenge Feedback Report.




Introduction / Background:


The purpose of the report is to present a delivery plan to the Board which details progress against the recommendations to the council following the LGA Peer Challenge of the local outbreak management plan in March 2021.


The recommendations to the council were:


  1. Develop a plan for addressing organisational resilience, giving people time to reflect and recharge. This should be wider than those directly working in public health and consideration should be given on how to support council staff across all services.
  2. Capitalise on the benefits gained from the distributed Public Health team model by determining where public health will be positioned in the future and the capacity required to sustain this.
  3. Build on the great work with communities during the pandemic to maintain focus on addressing inequalities. City of York Council can show many examples of great work undertaken during the pandemic to address inequalities. The council and its partners know that a joined up and strategic approach will be needed if those inequalities are to be addressed.
  4. Partnership working is a clear strength, providing the opportunity to consider how next to embed the benefits from recent closer partnership working into future ways of working across all council priorities, over and above COVID-19 and economic recovery.
  5. Develop contingency plans for worst case scenarios, as well as best case scenarios. For example, emergence of new vaccine resistant variants, requirement for social distancing beyond the summer, potential challenges with vaccine take-up within certain populations etc.  




Chief Officer Responsible for this report:

Sharon Stoltz

Sharon Stoltz

Director of Public Health




Delivery Plan – recommendations of LGA Peer Challenge of Outbreak Management Plan