Minutes of the virtual meeting held at 7pm on Tuesday 27th April 2021.


The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.00pm.


Following the Government’s coronavirus guidelines on meetings, the April meeting of Bishopthorpe Parish Council was conducted by virtual media over Zoom.  Members of the public are welcome to join the meeting with the joining details displayed on the published agenda, details of which are displayed on the Parish Council notice board. 


(The Chairman asked the Councillors to raise their hand if they wished to comment or raise a question and stated that voting on Agenda items would be conducted by a show of hands.)


A concerned resident, who wished to remain anonymous, joined the meeting to discuss two planning applications adjoining their property.  The resident wanted to make the Parish Council aware of objections regarding both applications.  The Parish Council has objected to both applications: one on the basis of loss of privacy and the other on the basis of loss of light.  It was stressed that the Parish Council is only a consultee to these applications and that the City of York Planning Committee make the final decision, which does not always agree with the Parish Council’s comments. 


The resident left the meeting at 7.17pm


The Chairman started the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.18pm – the minutes form a separate document. 


The Chairman opened the April Parish Council meeting at 7.23pm. 


Bishopthorpe Parish Council is sorry to hear of the death of Alan Dixon on 16th April 2021 and send condolences to his family.  Alan served on Bishopthorpe Parish Council from 1986 to 1999 and was Chairman for four years between 1993 to 1997.


Council Members Present:

Cllr. Harrison (Chairman), Cllr. Mrs Green, Cllr. Mrs Gajewicz, Cllr. Jemison, Cllr. George, Cllr. Mrs Conley,

Cllr. Mrs Thornton and Cllr Nicholls




Recording the Meeting


The right to record, film and to broadcast meetings of Bishopthorpe Parish Council, its committees, sub committees and any joint committees is established under the Openness of Local Government Regulations 2014.  Bishopthorpe Parish Council is committed to being open and transparent in the way it conducts its decision making and therefore such recording is permitted under the lawful direction of Bishopthorpe Parish Council. Full rules for recording are available from the Clerk and those people recording any meeting will be deemed to have accepted them whether they have read them or not.     

All recording must be undertaken in an obvious way and the wishes of any members of the public who do not want to be recorded must be respected.  All persons recording the meeting are reminded that the ‘Public Participation’ period at the beginning of the meeting is not part of the formal meeting




Apologies for absence

Cllr. Grabowski and the Parish Clerk (due to illness).


Inserted by Chairman – this is the first time the Clerk has missed a meeting since joining the Council in September 2005.





Declarations of Interest


No declarations of interests were declared




Minutes of Meeting 23rd March 2021


Acceptance of the minutes was proposed by Cllr. Mrs Conley and seconded by Cllr. Jemison.  Carried unanimously by all who attended the meeting.  The minutes will be signed by the Chairman at the next physical meeting.




Consideration of Planning Matters and recommendations of the Planning Group




Notice of Applications received





7 Maple Avenue.  Dormer to rear, three rooflights and new window to front.  21/00661/FUL.  No Objection






20 Kirkwell.  Fell Ash tree protected by Tree Preservation Order number CYC 16-T9.  21/00777/Tree Preservation Order.  No Objection






13 Bridge Road.  Two storey side extension, single storey front and rear extensions and dormer to rear following demolition of garage and conservatory.  21/00663/FUL.  Objection






Northcote, 31 Sim Balk Lane.  Dormer to rear.  21/000662/FUL.  No Objection






Pickersgill Consultancy and Planning, Garth Mews, Sim Balk Lane.  Internal alterations associated with change of use from offices (use Class E) to dwelling (C3), including removal and construction of internal walls, installation of secondary glazing and render to rear.  21/00463/LBC.  No Objection






Pickersgill Consultancy and Planning, Garth Mews, Sim Balk Lane.  Change of use from offices (use Class E) to dwelling (use Class C3) and render to rear.  21/00464/LBC.  No Objection






1 Ferry Lane.  Fell one conifer tree in Tree Conservation Area.  21/872/ Tree Conservation Area.  No Objection






4 Keble Drive.  Two storey side extension following demolition of garage.  21/00170/FUL – Revised design.  No Objection






12 Keble Close.  Erection of detached log cabin to rear garden. 21/00169/FUL.  Revised height application.  Objection








Notice of decisions given (Parish Council decisions are highlighted in red)





8 Melton Drive.  Single storey side extension following demolition of conservatory.  21/00224/FUL.  No Objection.  Approved.






9 Newlands Road.  Crown reduce Oak Tree by 20% and thin by 15%; crown reduce Ash Tree by 30% protected by Tree Preservation Order Number 7/1991.  20/02192/Tree Preservation Order.  No Objection.  Approved






7 Bridge Road.  Single storey rear extension following atrial demolition of rear projection and conservatory.  20/01746/FUL.  No Objection – Approved 






31 Lamplugh Crescent.  Two storey side extension.  20/00434/FUL.  No Objection – Approved









Large Householder Extension Notifications













Other Planning Matters





Public Footpath Acaster Malbis 9 & Public Footpath Bishopthorpe 3 Modification Order 2019 – Cllr. Harrison reported that the Parish Council’s objections will be forwarded to the Secretary of State by the end of April.  Cllr. Harrison will chase the matter. 






St Andrew’s Trust – Letter sent to Environment Agency, copied to Parish Council.  An issue with emergency access to land owned by the Trust has been raised with the Environment Agency.  In their letter to the Environment Agency the Trust state that if the issue cannot be resolved, the footpath behind St Andrew’s Old Church along the riverbank will be closed for public access. 






10 Appleton Court.  Two storey rear extension following demolition of conservatory.  21/00490/FUL.  (March Agenda item number 5.1.5).  Further details have come to light regarding this planning application, which have altered the Parish Council recommendation from No Objection to Objection










Village Hall Management Committee





Management Committee Report – The Village Hall has reopened to the public following the easing of coronavirus lockdown restrictions.






Heating System overhaul and Wi-Fi installation – Efforts are being made to identify a commercial plumber to overhaul the heating system.  No update on Wi-Fi installation.






Email from the York Flood Plan Team – signage in Village Hall car park – Cllr. Harrison reported that the planning department of the City Council has informed the Environment Agency that they would need to apply for advertising consent to erect the signage in the village. 


It was agreed that this decision by the City Council was ridiculous – the sign was not for advertising but for information about the flood alleviation works.  Unfortunately, due to time constraints and the cost of applying for advertising consent, the Environment Agency have decided not to apply.









Sports and Leisure Management Committee





Management Committee Report – Cllr Nicholls reported that the Football Team has recommenced activities following the easing of coronavirus lockdown and the Cricket Team will begin their season shortly.  No shower facilities will be used until allowed to do so under coronavirus rules. 


A handyman has been contacted to attend to a mouse infestation in the building and also to mend the broken side gate.


A request has been received for a children’s party on the field on the weekend of 22 / 23rd May which will fully comply with covid restrictions.  Permission will be granted at no charge.  Action Cllr. Nicholls






Request from Mr Samson to use the sports field for private training sessions – An offer of 10% of the takings has been made by Mr Samson but it was agreed that a request of £6 per session should be requested instead.  Action Clerk


(Activities will take place in front of the score box or in one corner of the field and will happen at 9 am on Saturdays and Sundays and at 6.30 pm on Wednesdays)






Email from Dr Brown and Anne Weeks – motion sensor security light – update Cllr Nicholls – The security light has been turned off as it does not have a sensor fitted: an electrician has been called in to rectify this.









Finance Committee





Committee Report – Nothing to report. 






Annual Audit – The annual accounts have been passed to the Internal Auditor for assessment. 









Field 84, Riverside and Footpaths Working Party





Update – Cllr. Jemison reported that the Canoe Club will be allowed to use the facilities at the Sports Pavilion.  It was agreed that they should be charged £10 a month for this use (once a week, for three-hour sessions) and they will be supplied with a key for access.  Cllr. Harrison agreed to supply a key for the Sports Pavilion to Cllr. Nicholls for use by the Canoe Club. 






Sale / lease of car park to York Marine Services – Cllr. Harrison reported that the Parish Council’s Solicitor advised against the sale of the car park to York Marine Services as it would not be possible to include permanent rights of the Canoe Club to keep their storage cabin on site and also could prevent free parking to residents whilst visiting the riverside.


The Solicitor recommended a long lease (e.g. one hundred years) to enable these rights to be protected for future users.  This proposal has been submitted to Mr Mandy of York Marine Services and the Parish Council await his response.






Land transfer to Mr Loftus – Cllr. Harrison has consulted the Parish Council’s solicitor to sell this land and the sale is progressing. 









Youth Support and Children’s Recreation





Update – Cllr. George reported that since the schools have returned the park has been used less. 


A general inspection has been made on the 6th April by six Parish Councillors (as permitted under coronavirus rules) who noted that part of the perimeter fence is missing.  86 Beech Avenue is the bordering house and the residents have been consulted to ensure that they agree to the repair.  Cllr. Jemison was asked to contact Mike Dale of Crombledale Construction to undertake the repair.  Action Cllr Jemison









Email from Brian Clark regarding damage to his fence bordering the park – The land that borders Mr Clark’s fence is not owned by the Parish Council.  The responsibility for repair rests with the home owner.


A request to mark the bus bay on Keble Park North (to prevent parking directly in front of the Play Area entrance) has been made by parishioners directly to the Ward Councillor Cllr. Galvin.






Cushion surface replacement – It was agreed that a new cushion-fall surface will not be laid.  The Parish Council is happy that the annual inspection will highlight any areas of concern and these will be actioned immediately to ensure compliance with safety for users. It was agreed that a Parish Councillor will attend with the Registered Inspector when the next inspection is due in the summer.


It was suggested that the tarmacked area could be painted with games, on the floor, such as hopscotch.  Cllr Mrs Thornton proposed consulting the village schools to see if there are preferred games used by the children, which the Parish Council could copy.


Cllr. Mrs Gajewicz will take the inspection bag for the month going forward.














Monthly park inspection – Cllr. George reported no issues.  There are twenty-four people on the waiting list; twelve of whom are non-villagers.









Senior Citizens Support, Vernon House and Accessibility Issues





Monthly Report – Cllr. Mrs Green reported the following items:


The grass around the building was cut by Mr Frank McNulty, a SHED member, who sadly died recently.  To keep the grass short, members of SHED have arranged for a professional gardener to do the first cut (paid out of SHED funds) and thereafter will undertake the job themselves by rota.  The Parish Council would like to thank the group for doing this. 


Brunswick Organic Nursery continue to use the building – for their one-to-one meetings, three times a week.


Catalyst Community Resource Group plan to meet after 17th May in the garden at the Marcia public house (when they are legally allowed to following the relaxation of coronavirus rules).


The Parish Council is undertaking an assessment to calculate how many people are interested in returning to Vernon House for a meeting (with speakers).  This will not be arranged until a guaranteed reasonable size audience will attend.








Web Page Management





Monthly update – The page is up to date.








Bishopthorpe Library





Monthly update – The library is open, under coronavirus rules but no Committee Meeting has yet been held. 










Environmental and Sustainability





Monthly Report – Cllr. Mrs Conley reported the following items


Environmental News March 2021


St Nick’s Recycling Centre collects thirty-five tonnes of materials from various businesses in the city, to recycle each month.


A new initiative called “Precious Plastics” (which has a Facebook page called ‘Precious Plastics’) has raised money for St Nick’s to build a polymer recycling plant.  They intend to build a plastic shredder, an extruder and an injection-moulding machine.  They will offer the machinery for demonstration and use to the public, children’s groups, schools and universities.



2021 is to be designated European Year of Rail.  Once the public are allowed to travel abroad again, Europe is reviving its network of night trains, offering a flight-free alternative to travelling.  Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria are the first to bring back routes for night trains.  Travelling by rail emits much less carbon per kilometre than going by air or road.


Cllr. Mrs Conley issued a remember to leave out water and bird food, and cat biscuits for hedgehogs.


Cllr. Mrs Green reported that she has been in touch with the Police and the City Council to confirm that it will be safe to host the Grand Recycling Day on Saturday 22nd May in the Village Hall.  A risk assessment must be undertaken by Cllr. Mrs Green in conjunction with the Village Hall Caretaker.  Action Cllr Mrs Green


The Village Hall Caretaker will close the car park on Friday 21st May to allow tables to be set up to collect items on the day outside.  A one-way route around the main hall will be implemented on the day and the upstairs rooms will not be used.  The side emergency exits will be left open permanently for better ventilation.  There will be no refreshments for the public and a smaller number of stalls will be well-spaced out in the hall.  Numbers admitted inside the hall will be strictly monitored so that overcrowding does not occur at any time.  The day will be advertised on the Facebook Community page and also in Link Magazine. 






Email from Julia Davies: Electric charging points for cars Keble Park North Unfortunately the Parish Council is unable to help directly with this request.  Ms Davies will be advised that if installation is to be on the pavement / highway she should consult Cllr. Galvin in the first instance for help.  If, however, it is the intention to install the charging point on private land this would have to be an exclusive arrangement between all those involved and the relevant authorities i.e., York City Council. 








Community Emergency Planning





Monthly update Nothing to report. 









Bishopthorpe Orchard





Committee Update – Nothing to report. 










Financial Transactions




Payments to approve






Cheque / Direct Debit payments




Amounts paid





Monthly direct debit to E-On Sports Pavilion Electricity (due month end)





Monthly direct debit to E-On Village Hall Electricity (due month end)





Monthly direct debit to E-On Village Hall Gas (due month end)





The Renewable Energy Co.  Vernon House Electricity





Savills – Rent for allotments – Acaster Lane





Savills – Rent for Ferry Lane cricket field










Total Amount paid
















On-Line Banking payments




Amounts paid










Clerk’s Salary





Clerk’s Expenses- (£0.00)





M Haynes - Village Hall Facilities Manager





Village Hall Facilities Manager expenses





C Julie Bradley - Vernon House Caretaker





C Julie Bradley - Vernon House Caretaker expenses





C Henk – Sports Pavilion cleaning





C Henk – Sports Pavilion cleaning expenses





A Powell – Sensory Garden gate daily opening / locking





Campaign to Protect Rural England – annual subscription paid 1st April





York Environment Forum – Annual subscription paid 1st April





Yorkshire Local Councils Association – Annual Subscription paid 1st April





AMS Heating – Annual service of gas boilers – Village Hall





City of York Council – Bus shelter repairs, Maple Avenue, New shelter – Montague Road





Sports Turf Services Ltd – Grass cuts to Ferry Lane





Ainsty Internal Drainage – agricultural drainage rate, annual payment





BHIB Local Councils Insurance Renewal





City of York Council – Waste disposal Village Hall





City of York Council – Waste disposal Sports Pavilion





Cllr Nicholls – copy keys cut for Sports Pavilion










On-line payment total





Payment Total










Income Receipts





Mr Loftus – Lease of land & mooring platform, Ferry Lane





White Rose Footballers – annual precept





City of York Council Restart Grant – Village Hall





Income Total









Approval of financial transactions proposed by Cllr. Mrs Gajewicz and seconded Cllr Mrs Thornton.  Carried Unanimously. 




School Governors




Infants School – Nothing to report. 





Junior School – Nothing to report. 







Parish Council Young Person of the Year Award and Community Spirit Award




Committee Report – Cllr Mrs Thornton reported the following;


The announcement of the new Community Award coincided with the sad news of the death of Gordon Watkins from the Ebor Inn.  In recognition of Gordon’s many years of significant service to the village, the Parish Council will name the Community Award in his honour.  Thus, 2021 will be the first year that the Gordon Watkins Community Award is made.


A total of eleven nominations were received either in writing or by email.  One of these received numerous nominations.


It was agreed that given the unprecedented response of all the nominees to supporting the community, the Parish Council would seek to recognise all those nominated in some way.


The winner of the Gordon Watkins Community Award for 2020 is Allan Chesworth and staff from Bishopthorpe Co-op.  Numerous positive comments were received in support of Allan and the staff at the Co-op.


Further commendations were made to:


Nick Lister at Lister’s Newsagent

Tamar’s Toy Shop

Bish n Chips

Romy and Mhairi Dunn


A donation of £150 will be made to a charity of the winner’s choice and certificates and letters will be sent to all those nominated.


When conditions allow, the Parish Council will arrange for more public recognition of the award and winners.


Announcements will now go out for the Parish Council Young Person of the Year Award. This will be advertised through the schools, Link and the community Facebook page.  Winners will be announced at the August Parish Council meeting.











Committee Report – Nothing to report.







Sensory Garden




Committee Report – Nothing to report. 





Mosaic repairs – The mosaic is almost half destroyed and Cllr. Mrs Gajewicz asked the Council to consider replacing it with a completely new design.  Cllr. Mrs Conley recommended that it should be covered with edge-sealed laminated glass to protect it in the future, if it is replaced.  Cllr Mrs Thornton suggested considering removing the mosaic altogether, as its repair is problematic and has been ongoing for many years.  She suggested replacing it with something entirely different such as a sundial.  Thought will be given to this suggestion and discussed next month.







Police Liaison




North Yorkshire Police Force – Nothing to report.







Local Council Association




Yorkshire Local Councils Association – Nothing to report





White Rose updates – Noted





The future of remote meetings and annual meetings in May 2021 – after 6th May face-to-face meetings will be required to be held. 





Adoption of Local Government Association Model Councillor Code of Conduct 2020 – Cllr. Harrison proposed adoption of the Local Government Association Model Councillor Code of Conduct 2020.  This was seconded by Cllr. Jemison and agreed unanimously. 







Highway Matters




The City Council notified the Parish Council that they propose to paint double yellow lines in front of Bishopthorpe Methodist Church (along Copmanthorpe Lane) to increase safety at the Junior School. 











City of York not covered elsewhere



















Request for a memorial bench dedicated to Mr Frank McNulty from his daughter, Arna Walker – The family have requested permission to place a memorial bench either at the Appleton Road allotment site or on the cycle path. 


The Parish Council has no objection to a bench at Appleton Road allotments.  If it is to be placed on the cycle track the family will have to liaise with Sustrans directly.  Clerk to contact Mrs Walker.  Action Clerk








Ward Committee


Ward Committee update report from Ward Councillor Cllr. Galvin No Ward update report from Ward Councillor Cllr. Galvin has been received for April.







Any other business, which the Chairman considers urgent under the Local Government Act 1972


·         None




Date and time of next meeting – Tuesday, 25th May 2021


Meeting closed at 8.59 pm