Minutes of the virtual meeting held at 7pm on Tuesday 23rd March 2021.


The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.03 pm. 


Following the Government’s coronavirus guidelines on meetings, the March meeting of Bishopthorpe Parish Council was conducted by virtual media over Zoom.  Members of the public are welcome to join the meeting with the joining details displayed on the published agenda, details of which are displayed on the Parish Council notice board. 


(The Chairman asked the Councillors to raise their hand if they wished to comment or raise a question and stated that voting on Agenda items would be conducted by a show of hands.)


Council Members Present:

Cllr. Harrison (Chairman), Cllr. Mrs Green, Cllr. Grabowski, Cllr. Jemison, Cllr. George, Cllr. Mrs Conley and Cllr Nicholls




Recording the Meeting


The right to record, film and to broadcast meetings of Bishopthorpe Parish Council, its committees, sub committees and any joint committees is established under the Openness of Local Government Regulations 2014.  Bishopthorpe Parish Council is committed to being open and transparent in the way it conducts its decision making and therefore such recording is permitted under the lawful direction of Bishopthorpe Parish Council. Full rules for recording are available from the Clerk and those people recording any meeting will be deemed to have accepted them whether they have read them or not.      

All recording must be undertaken in an obvious way and the wishes of any members of the public who do not want to be recorded must be respected.  All persons recording the meeting are reminded that the ‘Public Participation’ period at the beginning of the meeting is not part of the formal meeting





Apologies for absence.  Cllr. Mrs Gajewicz and Cllr Mrs Thornton





Declarations of Interest


At this point Councillors are asked to declare any prejudicial interests they may have in the business on this agenda. 


Cllr. George declared an interest in item 5.4.1





Minutes of Meeting 23rd February 2021


Acceptance of the minutes was proposed by Cllr. Mrs Conley and seconded by Cllr. Mrs Green.  Carried unanimously by all who attended the meeting.  The minutes will be signed by the Chairman at the next physical meeting.





Consideration of Planning Matters and recommendations of the Planning Group





Notice of Applications received






22 Church Lane.  Two storey side and rear extension; single storey side and rear extension and garden room to rear (revised scheme).  20/01802/FUL.  No Objection






12 Keble Close.  Erection of detached log cabin to rear garden. 21/00169/FUL.  No Objection





31 Lamplugh Crescent.  Two storey side extension.  20/00434/FUL.  No Objection






York Marine Services.  Variation of conditions 1, 10 and 11 of permission 09/01301/FUL to re-surface access drive, modify car parking area, and install new extract / air input fan system.  21/00524/FUL.  No Objection






10 Appleton Court.  Two storey rear extension following demolition of conservatory.  21/00490/FUL.  Objection






29 Lamplugh Crescent.  First floor side extension and single storey rear extension.  21/00567/FUL.  No Objection









Notice of decisions given (Parish Council decisions are highlighted in red)






22 Church Lane.  Two storey side / rear extension, single storey rear extension, covered walkway and garden room to rear.  20/01802/FUL.  Objection.  Approved











Large Householder Extension Notifications
















Other Planning Matters






46 Acaster Lane.  Erection of one dwelling attached to existing house (resubmission).  20/01205/FUL.  Objection.  The application has gone to appeal.






2 Myrtle Avenue.  Two storey side extension and single storey rear extension.  20/02211/FUL.  No Objection.  The application has gone to appeal.






26 The Coppice.  Siting of greenhouse and summerhouse and play equipment to front.  20/00925/FUL.  Objection. – Possible planning breach – The breach has been referred to the City Council Compliance Officer for investigation.






Public Footpath Acaster Malbis 9 & Public Footpath Bishopthorpe 3 Modification Order 2019 -   Russell Varley, the City Council Definitive Map Officer, has confirmed that a revised letter of objection (the original of which was submitted by the Parish Council over twenty years ago) will be forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate by the end of April.  Cllr. Harrison confirmed that the Parish Council are pursuing this matter to ensure that the pathway remains open to the public at all times. 













Village Hall Management Committee






Management Committee Report – It was agreed that the upstairs room will be offered to Bishopthorpe Rainbows free of charge for use once a week (Monday 4.30 to 5.30 pm).  Clerk to contact Andrene Watson to confirm.  Action Clerk


Cllr. Grabowski and Cllr. George are continuing to investigate the logistics and costs of installing a comprehensive Wi-Fi network in the hall.  Full costings to be presented to the April meeting.  Action Cllr. Grabowski and Cllr. George


It was agreed that if the smart meter is interchangeable between providers, it can be installed in the Village Hall by Eon as requested in the 3rd February email.  Action Cllr Grabowski







Flood damage to under stage area – Cllr. Grabowski contacted the Ebor Players to ask them to remove their stored equipment from under the stage, on a temporary basis, to allow the area to dry following recent flood damage.  Cllr Mrs Thornton, replying by email before the meeting on behalf of the Ebor Players, advised that the sump pump only operates to a certain point before the under-stage area floods following significant rainfall. No action can be taken at the moment as, under pandemic restrictions, no one is allowed to work under the stage as it is impossible to socially distance.







Heating – Cllr. Grabowski reported that the Caretaker is looking in to this matter. 











Sports and Leisure Management Committee






Management Committee Report – Under lockdown easing measures announced by the UK Government on the 22nd February 2021, outdoor sports facilities and organised sport is allowed to resume on the 29th March.  Both the Cricket and Football Clubs will begin activities again after this date but under current Government and FA guidance they will not use the changing rooms or showers but will be allowed access to the toilets and to obtain necessary equipment.  The Football Club has confirmed that they will operate a cleaning rota system for the toilets before and after each game and a ‘no spectator policy’ for their games until they are given further instructions by the FA.


Cllr Nicholls reported that Bishopthorpe Cricket Club is struggling for survival after 150 years of playing cricket in the village.  The Junior Teams have all moved through their system and they are finding it very difficult to recruit new youngsters who are attracted to the bigger, ECB funded clubs in the city.  The Club raise income from match fees and as they will only be entering one team in the League this year, this will be much reduced.  There are plans to try to recruit new players and also to form a Sunday Social side over the summer to encourage new membership.  A request has been made to the Parish Council for negotiation to their annual precept to help keep the Club afloat. 


The Parish Council charge the Cricket Club £650 per annum for use of the sports field and Sports Pavilion.  Cllr. Harrison proposed a reduction in this year’s precept from £650 to £250.  This was seconded by Cllr. Jemison and agreed unanimously.  Cllr Nicholls to advise Ben Smith – Action Cllr. Nicolls


Cllr. Grabowski suggested that now may be the time to reconsider revamping the Sports Pavilion to future-proof the building; ensuring sport remains played at Ferry Lane for many years to come.  Cllr. Harrison and Cllr. Grabowski will liaise to reconsider previous plans and proposals and report to a later Parish Council meeting with their suggestions. 







Email requesting use of sports field for fitness sessions – Mr Samson.  Contact has been made through Facebook enquiring if the field could be used for private club fitness sessions.  Cllr. Mrs Conley was asked to connect Mr Samson to confirm how he would like to use the field and how frequently Action Cllr Mrs Conley










Finance Committee






Committee Report – Cllr. Harrison reported that he recently applied for a Local Restriction Support Grant and the Parish Council was awarded £9,431.00.  This will help to compensate for lost income revenue due to the pandemic.











Field 84, Riverside and Footpaths Working Party






Update – Nothing to report. 







Sale of car park to York Marine Services – Cllr. Harrison reported that he has contacted the Parish Council’s solicitor to begin the process of selling the car park to York Marine Services for the sum of £20,000.  It has been agreed that the Bishopthorpe Canoe Club will have use of the car park in perpetuity and that the formal Right of Way will remain for use by the public. 











Youth Support and Children’s Recreation






Monthly park inspection update – Cllr. George reported his concerns that the fall protection matting has been covered with grass growth over the years since the park was built and questioned its usefulness from a safety point of view.  Cllr. Harrison reiterated that the park undergoes an annual inspection by a registered Inspector from Playdale who checks both the cushion fall and the equipment.  The last inspection was dated June 2020.  Following a relaxation of Lockdown restrictions, it will be possible for six people to meet outside after the 29th March; it was therefore agreed that six Councillors will meet in the park on the 6th April at 6pm to make a thorough inspection of the points raised by Cllr. George. 


Commenting on a post made on the Facebook Community page regarding a child who ran out to the ice cream van when a car came down the road at speed, Cllr. Harrison stated the following:

·         The park is for young children who should be accompanied by a responsible adult. 

·         The park gate should be closed on entry and exit and any child leaving the enclosure is the responsibility of the accompanying adult.

·         The double gate entrance is for the use of maintenance vehicles only and will not be opened for public use.

·         When the park was built it was advertised only in the village to attract local residents who could walk to the park.  Its reputation has spread over the last eleven years and the park now attracts users from further afield who drive.  The Parish Council cannot prevent these users from legally parking near to the park on the road.  

















Monthly report – Cllr. George reported that the waiting list now comprises of twenty-three residents and eleven non-residents.  All have been contacted by Cllr. George to confirm that they still wish to remain on the list.











Senior Citizens Support, Vernon House and Accessibility Issues






Monthly Report – Cllr. Mrs Green has requested that Brunswick Organic Nursery, who are allowed use of Vernon House free of charge for their one-to-one meetings, turn off the heating when they leave the building. 


User Groups have expressed concern about meeting up indoors once lockdown restrictions ease.  Given the age profile of users this is understandable and is a situation the Parish Council will closely monitor before deciding when to fully reopen the building.










Web Page Management






Monthly update – The page is up to date.







Web Site Management – Nothing to report.










Bishopthorpe Library






Monthly update – 


Library News March 2021


Bishopthorpe Library will re-open from Monday 12 April, employing the same self-isolation rules as before the third lockdown when using the library.  This means that there will not be any events for adults or story times for youngsters in the foreseeable future, although there may be a story time in the garden at some point during the summer months.










Environmental and Sustainability






Monthly Report – Cllr. Mrs Conley reported the following items:


There are huge changes planned for the waste sector:


·         A Plastic Tax is scheduled for April 2022, which will apply to all plastic packaging that does not contain at least 30% recycled materials.  It will affect producers and importers of plastic packaging and the impact on businesses may be significant, with small local businesses potentially struggling to make the changes in time.


·         Municipal recycling schemes will be standardised from 2023 with all local authorities collecting the same core list of materials from the kerbside.  The materials will include glass, plastic pots, tubs and trays, food cartons and kitchen food waste.  Not only will the types of material be standardised, but containers will also be colour coded nationally.


Birds are starting to make their nests and Cllr. Mrs Conley reminded the meeting to be careful not to disturb them and to leave out bird food and water to help support fledgling new families. Any garden work should be undertaken with great care to not to disturb nesting sites (it is an offence to damage or destroy any wild bird nest).


Hedgehogs are fully awake from hibernation and Cllr. Mrs Conley encouraged people to consider leaving fresh water and cat biscuits out for this endangered mammal.






One Planet York – Cllr. Mrs Green proposed that Bishopthorpe Parish Council should join One Planet York and apply their principals to decisions going forward.  In seconding this proposal, Cllr. Harrison stated that the Parish Council is a public body with responsibility to make economic, as well as environmental decisions, with public funds.  The vote was carried unanimously applying this criterion.






Email from Sarah Mason: Land for rewilding/tree planting – The Parish Council has no available land for sale.  Clerk to advise Mrs Mason.  Action Clerk.










Community Emergency Planning






Monthly update Nothing to report. 












Bishopthorpe Orchard






Committee Update – Nothing to report. 










Financial Transactions





Payments to approve






Cheque / Direct Debit payments





Amounts paid





Monthly direct debit to E-On Sports Pavilion Electricity (due 29/3/21)





Monthly direct debit to E-On Village Hall Electricity (due 25/3/21)





Monthly direct debit to E-On Village Hall Gas (due 29/3/21)





The Renewable Energy Co. Vernon House Electricity (due 29/3/21)










Total Amount paid
















On-Line Banking payments





Amounts paid





Clerk’s Salary





Clerk’s Expenses- (£0.00)





M Haynes - Village Hall Facilities Manager





Village Hall Facilities Manager expenses





C Julie Bradley - Vernon House Caretaker





C Julie Bradley - Vernon House Caretaker expenses






C Henk – Sports Pavilion cleaning





C Henk – Sports Pavilion cleaning expenses





A Powell – Sensory Garden gate daily opening / locking






Yorkshire Local Councils Association- Cloudy IT course, Cllr. George





Dennis King Electrical Ltd – Security light repairs Sports Pavilion










On-line payment total





Payment Total















Income Receipts





Local Restrictions Support Grant – City of York Council 





Local Restrictions Support Grant – City of York Council 










Income Total














Approval of financial transactions proposed by Cllr. Jemison and seconded by Cllr Mrs Green.  Carried Unanimously. 





School Governors





Infants School – The Infant School has reopened and recommenced its fund-raising ambitions for new reading materials.






Junior School The Junior School has reopened following easing of the lockdown restrictions.










Parish Council Young Person of the Year Award and Community Spirit Award





Committee Report – Nothing to report.














Committee Report – Nothing to report. 









Sensory Garden





Committee Report – Nothing to report. 






Mosaic repairs – Nothing to report.









Police Liaison





North Yorkshire Police Force – Nothing to report. 









Local Council Association





Yorkshire Local Councils Association – Cllr. Harrison reported that the recent Liaison Meeting with the City Council was a useful means of raising an ongoing planning concern





YLCA Remote Conference - 21 & 22 April 2021 – Noted





White Rose Updates – Changes to the Code of Conduct were included in the latest White Rose Update.  The Clerk was requested to forward these to all Councillors for consideration and adoption in the April meeting.  Action Clerk.








Highway Matters



















City of York not covered elsewhere






Consultation on Local Government Reorganisation in North Yorkshire – Noted

















Census 2021 is approaching fast - support in York’ – email from City of York Council – Noted





Email from Taryn Edmondson – Provisional date for Village Festival – Sunday, 19th September.  Noted










Ward Committee


Ward Committee update report from Ward Councillor Cllr. Galvin No Ward update report from Ward Councillor Cllr. Galvin has been received for March.









Any other business, which the Chairman considers urgent under the Local Government Act 1972


·         Cllr. Grabowski reported that concerns have been raised again regarding the wicker screen erected by Little Green Rascals that blocks the sight of on-coming traffic along a section of Copmanthorpe Lane.  This is a dangerous corner with traffic coming in five different directions and clear sight of oncoming traffic is needed for safety.  Cllr. Harrison requested Cllr. Grabowski draft a letter, which will then be sent by the Clerk on behalf of the Parish Council, to the Nursery.  Action Cllr. Grabowski.





Date and time of next meeting – Tuesday, April 27th 2021



Meeting closed at 8. 29pm