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 Date: W/C 25/01/2021






Dear Business Owners,


Following the consultation pack you received on 22/01/21 I am now writing to you in order to clarify the type of permit you would be able to purchase as business owners. If a Residents Priority Parking scheme was implemented following the consultation, you would be permitted to purchase one Business Permit for your business to use. You would not be able to purchase any visitor permits.

Business parking permits


Businesses in most Residents Priority Parking Zones (ResPark) can apply for a business permit. To qualify they must:


·        Pay business rates directly to the council for a business within a ResPark Zone

·        Have no off street parking at the property (this includes space that is being used for the purposes other than parking)

·        Not be living at the business (if you do live at the premises, you may be entitled to a household permit) The permit can be used by any member of staff or visitor who has to use their vehicle for business purposes. Only one permit per property, and no ‘visitor permits’ are allowed.







The initial cost of your permit depends on the type of vehicle and how long you want the permit for: 3, 6, 9 or 12 months

You may also be eligible for a discount if you have a short vehicle, one that has low emissions, is electric or LPG powered (see website for details


·        12 months (full charge) £430.00

·        9 months (full charge) £322.50

·        6 months (full charge) £215.00

·        3 months (full charge) £107.50


Short vehicles and Low Emission permits are £215 per year, or £53.75 per quarter.


The existing parking bay opposite your properties on Tadcaster Road is currently unrestricted, allowing any vehicle to park there for as long as they require, including overnight. If the scheme is implemented we also propose to change the restriction of the bay to allow vehicles to park within the bay for a maximum of 3 hours and not to return within 1 hour of exiting the bay. This would allow visitors to your business to park locally and provide them with enough time to access your products and services.


If you have already provided your response and you now feel this clarification would change your vote, please email your response to and indicate in the subject box ‘change of vote’. Please also include your full business name and address.


Should you wish to discuss this with me I am available on: 01904 551475 or 07484 865191(best) between the hours of 10am to 8pm, Monday-Friday.


Yours sincerely


Geoff Holmes

Traffic Projects Officer