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A Residents’ Priority Parking Scheme: Revival Estate


In January 2012, the Department for Transport amended Road Traffic Regulations.  The amended regulations permit usto reserve a road for permit holders during an indicated period (or 24 hours) where parking bays are not marked.  These are suitable for cul-de-sacs or enclosed areas where the witnessed problems associated with inconsiderate parking are due to the level of non-resident parking.


Because of the changes, we can now offer residents a Residents’ Priority Parking Scheme (Respark) where the resident has more control. You can park anywhere on street as long as you are not parked on any yellow lines, across a dropped kerb placed for the purpose of vehicle or pedestrian access/crossing or cause an obstruction.


ResPark signSigns are mounted at the beginning of the restricted area to inform drivers that parking is reserved for permit holders.  The scheme can operate full time, or on a part-time basis depending on resident preference. The timing on the shown sign is an example: – please indicate your preferred times of operation on the questionnaire sheet enclosed.  Outside any specified times the street would be available for any vehicle to park.  A Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm scheme gives residents and their visitors more flexibility on an evening and weekend.  A full time scheme is more beneficial if non-resident parking remains at significant levels during evenings and weekends.


Our Respark schemes cannot guarantee a space will be available. A scheme is introduced to give residents priority over available space within the boundary of the scheme. In areas of high density housing, pressure for space can still occur.


There would be no parking allowed for any non-permit holders whilst the scheme is in operation.  Any visitors to your property would require a visitor permit, even for a short duration (except for those activities that are listed below).


Exemptions within the Traffic Regulation Order


A Resident Parking scheme is a parking restriction; it does not prevent access. Non residents can wait on street in order to undertake one of the following activities.


1.   Loading and unloading, including passengers.  For example, you would still be able to get goods delivered, move house, or a friend arrive to collect you or drop you off without the need to display a permit.  Our Civil Enforcement Team wait for approximately 5 to 10 minutes to ensure no loading activity is occurring before issuing a penalty charge notice to a vehicle which does not display a valid permit.

2.   Vehicles displaying a valid disabled permit (blue badge).

3.   Vehicles used for medical requirements, or for weddings and funerals.

4.   Vehicles which belong to emergency services, statutory bodies or vehicles being used for highway works.


If you are having work done on the house, your builder or other tradesman can use a visitor permit or purchase a “builders permit” from parking services.




If a vehicle parks without a permit, the driver becomes liable for a Penalty Charge, issued by our Civil Enforcement Team.