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 Directorate of Economy and Place
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 Date: 25th January 2021.





To the Residents:
 Slingsby Grove, Royal Chase, Kensington Court, Regency Mews and No’s. 64-88 Tadcaster Road and St. Edwards Close.





Dear Residents,

Request for Residents’ Priority Parking

We are writing to you because we received a request from residents of Slingsby Grove and St. Edwards Close asking us to consider introducing a Residents’ Priority Parking scheme(Respark). We received the two requests independently but as the two streets are in close proximity any proposed scheme would be implemented as one Respark zone.

The attached plan indicates the extent of the proposed new boundary. We are proposing to introduce a scheme which would operate on entry zone signage. This type of scheme proposed for your street does not require extensive signing and lining and would allow residents, when displaying the required permit, to park anywhere within the Respark zone so long as no obstruction to the highway is being caused. Entry/exit signs would be erected at the entrance to Slingsby Grove and Royal Chase and St. Edwards Close, then small ad hoc repeater signs can be placed on existing poles/lamp columns. There are private parking areas on Regency Mews. These are private car parking spaces and is an unadopted highway. These private areas would be excluded from the proposed residents parking scheme and as such would not require a Respark permit to park within them. The residents of Regency Mews that use the private parking spaces have been included in this consultation as they may still require permits to park within the zone and also have access/exit onto Regency Mews.

We have chosen to include Royal Chase, Kensington Court and Regency Mews in this consultation as we do not want to move any existing issues on Slingsby Grove or St. Edwards Close to neighbouring streets.

Generally we require a 50% response rate from the consultation. From the returns we require a majority in favour to take this forward and initiate the legal consultation process (when formal objections can be made).               

Consequently, it would be helpful if you would take the time to complete the attached questionnaire and return it in the pre-paid envelope provided before……

Consultation documents

The following information and documents are enclosed:

1.    Plan of the property boundary for consultation.

2.    How a Resident Parking Scheme Works using regulations introduced in 2012.  We use this type of scheme for side roads/cul-de-sacs. 

3.    The current cost of permits (April 1st 2020 to 31st March 2021)

4.    Questionnaire/Freepost Envelope (please return)

We can only accept one completed sheet from each household.  Please complete and return to us in the Freepost envelope provided by 15th February 2021.

If you prefer you can email your response to   Please give the information we have asked for on the questionnaire, including your name and address.

You can add any comments you wish to make. For example, we would like to know if any of the following circumstances apply to you:

·        You have special needs/circumstances that you believe would be disadvantaged by the introduction of a Respark scheme

·        If you rent your property, please write the contact details of the owner (if known) or managing agent on your return.  As residents in the area, you should still fill in the questionnaire and return it to us.  We will contact the owner separately.

The results of the consultation will be reported to the Executive Member for Transport at a Public Decision Session. We will write to you again a few weeks before the meeting with further details. 

Please contact me if you wish to discuss this further or require any clarification at this stage. 

Yours faithfully


Geoff Holmes

Traffic Projects Officer