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 West Offices, Station Rise
 YO1 6GA
 Date 23 February 2021

 St Oswald’s Church
  Main Street
  YO10 4HJ




(Letter and plan additionally emailed to the Vicar on 7th April)

Dear Sir or Madam

Request for a Residents’ Priority Parking Scheme (Respark)

We are writing to you because we received a letter in October 2018 from the properties 5 to 11 Main Street, Fulford asking for the introduction of a Resident’s Parking on the unrestricted section of carriageway outside their properties in order to prioritise the space for the adjacent properties, most of which do not have the benefit of a private off-street parking amenity.  We would like to find out your views about this.  For example:

·        If a scheme was introduced and the carriageway on the attached plan became unavailable for your congregation or visitors how would this impact on you? 

·        Do you have sufficient off street car parking amenity for the day to day activities in the Church Hall?

·        We have enclosed a plan which clarifies the limited space available on the carriageway for a Resident Parking Scheme and the properties we have consulted with.  This plan is for consultation purposes only, it does not represent a scheme we are taking forward at this stage of the process.

·        There may be questions you would like answered.  Please email these to and we can then respond accordingly.  


You should be aware that any comments you make may be included in a report which is published on our website.  Please let me have any comments you wish to make by Friday 23rd March by email to

The results of the consultation will be included in a report to the Executive Member for a decision on the way forward.  We will contact you again when we have more details about the date and time; including how to join the meeting should you wish.


Yours faithfully

S A Gill

Sue Gill

Traffic Technician

Network Management (Highways)


Enc: Consultation Plan