I am writing on behalf of myself and my neighbours that live on the east side of Main Street in Fulford between No 5 and No 11.

As you are aware the layby on the west side of Main Street, which was being used as an unofficial park and ride parking area by a number of non-Fulford vehicles, has now had a 3 hour restriction placed on it.  This has had the impact that vehicles that used to park there are now parking on the east side of Main Street in front of our properties and we have no where else to park.  The lay-by now, for large parts of the day, remains empty.  We also think that the current situation has been further exacerbated by the Respark zone that has been implemented in Maple Grove, Fulford forcing commuters furhter up Fulford Road and Main Street.

I have spoken with my neighbours and the ones signed below are all supportive of our side of Main Street (the east side) between the start of Main Street to St Oswald’s Church becoming a resident’s only Respark zone.

We need to educate out of town commuteres to use the park and ride facilities and not to take up precious parking spaces for residents who have nowhere to park.  We are fully aware that parking near our properties is a privilege and not a right however the council tax that we pay contributes to the operatio of park and ride zones and commuters who, for whatever reason, want to come further into the city to park their vehicles, are causing frustration and concern for those of us who live here and do not have the luxury of drives and parking spaces within our properties due to their age and location.

As the parking restriction in the layby are now in force we request that our particular concerns are addressed as a matter of urgency because this situation is causing immense concern for all of us.

(the letter contained a list of properties affected as 5 Main Street, 7 Main Street, 9 Main Street, 9A Main Street and 11 Main Street) with 5 signatures in support representing all 5 properties affected)