York Flood Risk Programme Funding and Allocation                                               April 2021



This paper is for the City of York Decision Session - Executive Member for Environment and Climate Change and summarises the current funding available to the Environment Agency for works to reduce the risk of flooding in York and the latest allocation for each project. 

The Councillor is asked to note the paper.





The 2015 Boxing Day floods were unprecedented in their impact on a number of communities across Yorkshire both in terms of the extent and severity of the flooding and the damage and devastation that was caused. In a 24-hour period the equivalent of five-inches of rain fell, 20% more than would be expected for the month of December as a whole. The rain fell on already saturated ground with November and December 2015 being the third and first wettest months respectively for over 100 years. The run-off in to the river system was rapid across Yorkshire, and the subsequent rise in river levels allowed little time for communities to prepare.


In Yorkshire over 4,000 homes and almost 2,000 businesses were flooded with the economic cost being over half a billion pounds, £100 million of which was damage to key infrastructure such as bridges and roads.


In response the Government announced an extra £700m in funding to help deliver the government’s commitment to ensure communities in Yorkshire are protected against increasingly extreme weather. This included £45.2m to reduce the risk of flooding in York with an additional £18.1m in March 2021.  The latter to be planned for and confirmed in early 2021.  This was in addition to work at the Foss Barrier.



Current Funding Summary for York

-          The Environment Agency was allocated £45.2m additional funding in March 2016 to improve the standard of flood defences within York.

-          A further £18.1m allocation from March 2021 was also agreed in March 2016 (subject to agreement in early 2021).  It has now been confirmed that an additional £18.5m is available. 

-          A contribution of £0.3m has been agreed with City of York Council for Clementhorpe Area flood defences.

-          The total available funding to improve the defences in York is (£45.2m + £18.5m + £0.3m) £64m.

Current Allocation Summary for York

Table 1 sets out the current allocation of the funding allocated to each flood risk reduction project for York.  This gives total forecast spend of £64.135m across all flood risk work in York excluding the Foss Barrier. 


Table 1 - Allocation across York Flood Cells (£k)






B8, B16, B7, B15, C2, C3, F9


F08, F10 & F11

F4 & F5



F12, B7, C3, F9, B15, B16, B11


Scarborough Br to Ouse Br

Clementhorpe & South Bank

Copins Farm to Scarb Br

Clifton & Rawcliffe

Scarborough Br to Lendal Br



Foss US Storage

Tang H Beck & Osbwk Beck1

Fulford & Germany Beck2

Tower Street

Other Flood Cell work

COVID19 impact reduction

(12 months to Mar 2021)3














Table notes:  

1 – Due to technical issues and associated cost increases we are reviewing options for Tang Hall Beck and Osbaldwick Beck (F4/F5).  Additional funding may need to be sourced depending on the results of this review.

2 - There is an additional £1,500k of costs occurred due to COVID19 over the last 12 months to March 2021.  Costs associated with Covid impacts/delays are not being accounted for against this allocation. This is being managed through a separate mechanism to ensure schemes aren’t impacted/penalised.    

3 – Fulford & Germany Beck is a contribution towards a project being led by City of York Council.


Each project has a financial forecast for risk included within its current individual allocation.  It is expected that all risk across the programme will not occur and that the total spend will therefore be below the £64m allocated.  Any money allocated to risk that has not materialised will be recycled within the York programme to support investment in York.  The allocation comprises all project costs including desktop studies, river mathematical modelling, survey, ground investigation, business case development, design and where the project is approved and goes ahead, construction costs.  Maintenance costs are not included and are allocated separately in the Environment Agency’s annual maintenance budget.     

If a project is unable to gain approval and move into construction (for example the current benefit cost is below one), any data collected, analysis completed, etc. will be available in the future should funding rules change or additional funding found from elsewhere.  We will continue to work with City of York officers to obtain funding from other sources.