Minutes of the Dunnington Parish Council meeting held on 8th March 2021

Present: Cllrs G Shaw, A Dykes, L Turnbull, D Swallow,  M Thompson, J Brooks, J Maggs and S Hardwell Cllr G Kay attended for part of the meeting from item 6

Clerk: J Bone

Ward Councillors M Rowley and M Warters attended

Four members of the public were also in attendance

Karen Jackson completed the Declaration of acceptance as this was her first meeting as a member of the Council. She then took her place on the Council

1                       FORMALITIES

1.1                 Parish Council to receive apologies for absence given in advance of the meeting

Cllr N Ford – Work commitments

1.2                 Parish Council to consider the approval of reasons for absence


1.3                 Previous Meeting Minutes 8/2/21 approved

1.4                 Declarations of Interest - None

2                       EXCLUSION OF PRESS AND PUBLIC

2.1                 The Parish Council resolved to exclude the press and public, from the meeting for any item where the publicity of the matter being prejudicial to the public interest or by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted or for other special reasons

3              POLICE REPORT

3.1          Police Report was discussed and Cllr M Thompson advised of a bench on Derwent Court being damaged. Police patrols have been spotted on patrol in the village.


                No members of the public wished to speak

5              VILLAGE LIGHTING

5.1          It was decided that the situation would be assessed if necessary after the clocks have changed

6              ALLOTMENTS ISSUES

6.1          Parish Council to discuss the allotment Terms and conditions and proposed new agreement and how          to move forward with implementation – after discussion it was decided to sit down with some of the          allotment holders before progressing.

6.2          Allotment Rent increase for April 2022-23 was discussed and it was agreed to align with the COYC                charges from April 2022.

6.3          Parish Council to discuss and agree purchase of Tarmac plainings to repair track leading to             Undergate Field allotments – Resolved


7              IN BLOOM

7.1          Parish Council to discuss COVID form to be completed by In Bloom – after discussion it was decided             that this was probably no longer relevant.

7.2          PC to discuss and decide re benches suggestion previously circulated – Cllr J Brooks will further     consult In Bloom and bring the results to the next meeting.

8              INSURANCE RENEWAL

8.1          Insurance options were discussed and it was agreed to leave this with the F&S group to make the final        decision.


9.1          PC to discuss changes to Financial Regulations in respect of online banking – Wording changes.were            agreed


10.1        Parish Council discussed options and it was agreed that this would take place as a virtual meeting and         the date would be 20/4/21. A suggestion was also discussed for an Autumn meeting which it was             agreed to bear in mind.


11.1        Parish Council discussed Management changes and personnel and payment to be made (Press and              Public were excluded)

11.2        Parish Council agreed payment and terms


12.1        PC to approve expenditure for Scouts and Guides - External Resurfacing Works and                 vegetation                clearance and spraying - Approved

12.2        PC approved expenditure for New Notice Boards including 50% deposit


13.1        York Road

                (1) Parish Council to agree to submit a PROW application to COYC in respect of a                section of York Road between Undergate Farm and the cycle track leading from the    A1079 - Resolved

                (2) Parish Council to agree to apply to COYC for a reduction in the national speed               limit to 40mph on the Section York Road from the A1079 to the start of the 30mph        section leading into the village - Resolved

13.2        Eastfield Lane

                Parish Council to agree to apply to COYC for a stopping up order at the junction of the A166 -       Resolved

13.3        A1079

                Parish Council to agree to apply to COYC for a reduction in the national speed limit to      40mph on the A1079 along the following sections

(1)    Between York Road and Thorncroft - Resolved

(2)    Between the village boundary and Kexby village boundary - Resolved             

14           DOG PLAY AREA

14.1        Cllr A Dykes gave an update on possibilities for the future


14.1        Project to be discussed with proposals previously circulated from Cllr L Turnbull. Parish   Council agreed to support the proposal.


16.1        PC to approve changes in Terms and Conditions to the two Council Saver policies - Resolved


17.1        The PC discussed and agreed on Option A below

A        PFA - Replace Squash Roof and Install Solar Panels

(1)      Sports England has stated that, based on the documentation/information received, they will only accept an application from the Parish Council in respect of awarding a grant of £25k.

(2)      This has to be completed by 15 March 2021 or the grant could be lost.

(3)      The total cost of the work is £46k (including vat) and with the grant of £25k this leaves a shortfall of £21k.

(4)      It is proposed that the shortfall of £21k is met on a 50/50 basis between the Parish Council and the PFA out of reserves.

(5)      The PFA will make a saving of £2k per annum on energy costs.

(6)      £1k of the energy savings made will be used to make up the annual shortfall of money received by the PFA from the PC (down from £3k to £2k pa).

(7)      £1k of the energy savings made will be used annually to build the PFA reserves back up to at least £20k.    

B         PFA - Replace Squash Roof

(1)      The total cost of the work is £25.5k (including vat).

(2)      It is proposed that the cost is split on a 50/50 basis between the Parish Council and the PFA out of reserves.

(3)      The PFA will have to find £1k per annum to make up the annual shortfall of money received from the PC (down from £3k to £2k pa).

(4)      The PFA will have to find £1k per annum to build their reserves back up to at least £20k.

Subject to either option the PC to agree to reduce the annual amount paid to the PFA from £3k to £2k and use the £1k to build the PC PFA reserves back up to £20000



18.1        Parish Council  agreed to changes in Terms and conditions (previously circulated)


19.1        Full updated Accounts and Accruals to date for 2020/21 as follows

Additional items of income - £20.52 Water costs, £510 – Playpark costs, £3126 – work on Intake Lane and Salt bins refill, £651 - In Bloom and Cemetery costs.

Additional Income £245 cemetery and £4935.58 – VAT reclaim

19.2        Correspondence

                Various items received by email from Ward Councillors, COYC, YLCA and Parishioners – No             comments on any items

20           REVIEWS

                Cllr J Maggs reported that the Playpark seesaw is coming to the end of its working life.

21           PLANNING - Ongoing Applications         

21.1        Os Field 2800 Eastfield Lane Dunnington York - Erection of 78 dwellings, landscaping,       public open space and associated infrastructure

21.2        Ridgeway 2 Greencroft Court Dunnington York YO19 5NN - Single storey extension to side              and rear following demolition of existing garage

21.3        1 Kendal Close Dunnington York YO19 5PG - Two storey side extension

21.4        14 Hunters Wood Way Dunnington York YO19 5RA - Single storey side extension

21.5        Highthorn Stamford Bridge Road Dunnington York YO19 5LN - Conversion of the                 existing                 agricultural building (located in field to the north east of Highthorn) to form 1no. dwelling             with associated works and infrastructure; and change of use agricultural land to domestic        curtilage. Alteration and widening of the vehicle access    from Stamford Bridge Road

21.6        Hollytree Cottage  Intake Lane Dunnington York YO19 5NX - Two storey side and rear       extension

21.7        4 The Sycamores  Bore Tree Baulk Dunnington York YO19 5HD - Single storey extension to             front

21.8        Lodge Farm  Hull Road Dunnington York YO19 5LR - Two storey side and single storey rear             extension, porch and replacement canopies to front, and erection of 3 bay garage   following demolition of garage and conservatory

21.9        Ashfield Holiday Cottages And Touring Caravan Park  Hagg Lane Dunnington York YO19 5PE -        Erection of single storey machinery and maintenance building following removal of 4 No.      steel storage containers and a storage area for up to 6 No. touring caravans and outdoor             equipment


22           PLANNING - New Applications

22.1        Wold View 18 Church Street Dunnington York YO19 5PW - Two storey rear extension, 1no.            rooflight and canopy to rear

22.2        The Sycamores Bore Tree Baulk Dunnington York - Fell 1no. Sycamore protected by           Tree Preservation Order 3/1973

22.3        3 Undercroft Dunnington York YO19 5RP - Single storey rear extension and single               storey extension to rear of garage following demolition of conservatory

22.4        Land Adjacent Unit 6 Hassacarr Close Dunnington York - Variation of condition 11 of         permitted application 20/01496/FUL to alter BREEAM requirement. Removal of              Conditions           5 (submission of investigation and risk assessment), 6 (submission of remediation scheme) ,       7 (Submission of Verification report), 8 (separate systems of drainage for foul and surface      water), 9 (Submission of foul and surface water drainage scheme) , 10 (no piped discharge             of surface water) of planning permission 20/01496/FUL.


23           PLANNING - Decisions (COYC)

23.1        Holme Lea Hull Road Dunnington York YO19 5LR - Removal of condition 4              (archaeological investigation) of permitted application 19/01833/FUL (extension of      access track). – Approved




24.1        Hull Road

24.2        1 Church St

24.3        Travellers Site A166


25           AOB

Next Meeting to be held Monday 12th April 2021 venue to be arranged.