Staffing Matters and Urgency Committee


19 April 2021


Report of the Director of Governance and Monitoring Officer


Changes to Membership of Committees, Joint Committees administered by other Councils, Regional Local Authority Bodies and Other Bodies




1.           At the Annual Council meeting on 22 May 2019, appointments were made to Committees, Sub-Committees and Outside Bodies for the 2019/20 municipal year.  Due to the cancellation of the 2020 Annual Council meeting, those appointments were carried over to the 2020/21 municipal year, subject to a number of changes, as approved by the Staffing & Urgency Committee at their meeting on 15 June 2020.  Further changes are now required to the membership, as set out below.



2.           Further to the appointments to Committees etc. made at the Annual Meeting, Staffing Matters & Urgency Committee has authority to deal any in-year changes or appointments to any Committees and Outside Bodies, and the following changes are put forward for consideration:


Licensing and Regulatory Committee    


Councillor Melly to replace Councillor Wells as the Vice Chair of the Committee.




3.           Normal processes to consult the relevant political Group have been applied to ensure the Group nominates the Members of their choice. No other consultation is specifically required in this instance.




4.          There are no alternative options available as this is simply for the Groups concerned to nominate appropriate candidates to either replace the Member concerned or to fill a position that has become available.  This Committee will then consider and determine those nominations.


Council Plan


5.           Maintaining an appropriate decision making and scrutiny structure and appointees that contribute to the Council delivering its core priorities set out in the current Council Plan, effectively.




6.           There are no known implications in relation to the following in terms of dealing with the specific matter before Members:


·        Financial

·        Human Resources (HR)

·        Equalities

·        Crime and Disorder

·        Property

·        Other


Legal Implications


7.           The Council is statutorily obliged to make appointments to Committees, Advisory Committees, Sub Committees and certain other prescribed bodies in accordance with the political balance rules.  These rules may only be waived where no Member votes against the proposal.


Risk Management


8.              In compliance with the Council’s risk management strategy, there are no known risks associated with the recommendation in this report.





9.              Staffing Matters and Urgency Committee is asked to consider and approve the changes to committee and outside body appointments as set out in paragraph 2.


 Reason:    In order to make appropriate Council appointments to Committees and Outside Bodies for the remainder of the current municipal year.








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Dawn Steel

Head of Civic and Democratic Services



Janie Berry

Director of Governance and Monitoring Officer


Report Approved



9 April 2021

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