Staffing Matters & Urgency Committee

19th April 2021  

Report of the Chief Operating Officer  

Settlement Agreements and Non-Disclosure Clause


1.   This report advises Staffing Matters and Urgency Committee of the expenditure and council activity on settlement agreements and the inclusion of a non-disclosure clause in accordance with council policy.


2.    The background and detailed cases surrounding the settlement agreement is contained in the individual business cases attached as a confidential annexes to this report.


3.   The proposed settlement agreements have been subject to set conditions to make it a legally binding contract, used to end the employment relationship on agreed terms.


4.   The Committee is noting the payments made in accordance with the settlement agreement process as agreed by SMU and Audit & Governance. The appropriate Executive member has been party to the parameters on which the settlement agreement has been based. The decision as to whether or not to end an employment relationship on agreed terms sits with the Chief Operating Officer or Officers nominated by him.


5.    The analysis of the proposal can be found in the respective business cases in the confidential annex(s).

Council Plan

6.    Whilst the actions being proposed in the report are not material to the Council Plan they are consistent with the required outcomes of the Organisational Development Plan.


7.    The implications of each proposal can be found in the respective business cases.

Risk Management

8.    The specific risks associated with each proposal and how they can be mitigated is contained in each business case. In summary, the risks associated with the recommended option are financial, legal, operational and reputational.


9.    Staffing Matters and Urgency Committee is asked to:

1)   Note the expenditure associated with the proposed ending of an employment contract on agreed terms by a settlement agreement detailed in the annexes.

Reason:  In order to provide an overview of the expenditure.

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Trudy Forster

Head of HR

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Ian Floyd

Chief Operating Officer

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Annex A - Confidential Business Case
Annex B - Confidential Business Case