Audit & Governance Committee

14th April 2020

Report of the Monitoring Officer

Amendments to the Constitution by the Monitoring Officer


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government has issued Regulations which have implications on the functions of the Council.  As such the Monitoring Officer has had cause to effect necessary amendments to the Council’s Constitution which are outlined in this report.



In response to the national COVID-19 pandemic, the Government has issued legislation and Regulations and associated guidance which have resulted in additional responsibilities and service delivery functions being placed on the Council.  As a result this has required amendments to the Council’s Constitution by including the legislation detailed below within Section 3 of Council’s Constitution.  Where necessary, relevant Officer Schemes of Delegation have been amended. 

Additions to the Constitution Section 3:

·        The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (Steps) (England) Regulations 2020 enacted 29th March 2021.




Not applicable to this report.


Human Resources (HR)


The Council is required to respond to national public health guidance and associated legislative measures at this time.



Not applicable to this report but decisions made under the legislative changes to the Constitution as detailed within this report may be the subject of consideration of equalities implications on a case by case basis.



As detailed within the report.


Crime and Disorder, Information Technology and Property


The Council will utilise recognised ICT platforms for the delivery of remote meetings and live stream meetings via the existing YouTube channel.



To note the Monitoring Officer’s amendments to the Council’s Constitution.


Author &  Chief Officer responsible for the report:

Janie Berry

Director of Governance & Monitoring Officer


01904 555385




Report Approved



6 April 2021





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Background Papers:

·        City Of York Constitution