Public EV Charging Progress Report:
 ,Smart Transport Programme
 11th March 2021













·         This briefing note highlights key developments in the Hyperhubs project (TM07/16) and the Electric Vehicle Chargers Asset Renewal (TM04/20).



Hyperhubs (TM07/16)



Total: £2.2mil

·         ERDF: £1mil

·         OLEV: £800k

·         CoYC: £400k




Monks Cross

Evo Energy Ltd started work on site in January 2021 and construction work is ongoing. Despite poor weather conditions during January and February, good progress has been made. The majority of the ducting work in the main car park and charging hub has been installed and foundations for the solar canopies have been completed. The steel legs of the solar canopies have been lifted into place and the canopy roof assembly is ongoing.


Figure 1: Monks Cross – Main Car park Canopies and Fast Chargers

Monks Cross Milestones


Main Car Park:

·         EV Chargers complete – 26th March

·         Canopies complete – 9th April

·         Solar Complete – 23rd April

·         Lights Complete – 23rd April

·         Line Painting – 16th April


Charging Hub:

·         Canopies complete – 9th April

·         EV Chargers complete – 9th April

·         Solar Complete – 23rd April

·         Lights Complete – 23rd April

·         Line Painting – 16th April

·         Totems - TBC


LV Compound

·         Ground Works Complete – 26th March

·         Batteries Installed – 9th April

·         Transformer and LV Boards – 23rd April

·         EV/Solar Inverters Installed – 23rd April

·         Final Connections – 14th May

·         Fencing – 28th May


DNO Works

·         May -  TBC


Hyperhub Open:

·         14th June TBC



Poppleton Bar


Negotiations with the COVID test site representatives have been successful and the construction area has been cleared, allowing Evo Energy to complete their Geological surveys. We anticipate starting construction in April 2021 with completion expected by end of June 2021.



Energy Provider

The Hyperhubs will use on site solar PV and Battery storage as their primary power source. Any additional power will be provided through the CYC Group Contract with N-Power (YPO matrix), which ensures all electricity used will be from renewable sources.

Electric Vehicle Charger Asset Renewal (TM04/20)



Total: £1.3mil

·         LEP £800k

·         CRAM: £500k (Including 5 yrs maintenance and back office)


The LEP funding has been successfully spent by the 31st March 2021 deadline set out in the funding agreement. YNYER LEP have agreed to allow construction work to continue beyond 31st March as all outstanding costs are to be paid from Council funding.



Charger installation is ongoing with 3 sites now open to the public, only awaiting bay markings. Completion dates for the larger sites have been delayed somewhat as we cannot energise the chargers until Northern Power Grid connect the upgraded power supplies.


Table 1: BP Pulse Anticipated Completion Dates


Planned completion dates

Beehive Centre of Excellence

Installed (Bay markings 25th Mar)

Bootham Row Car Park

Installed (Bay markings 30th Mar)

Tang Hall Library

Installed (Bay markings 22nd Mar)

Poppleton Bar P+R Terminal

21st March 2021

Marygate Car Park

Civils ongoing – Energise 14th May

East Parade Car Park

7th April 2021

Nunnery Lane Car Park

15th April 2021

Bishopthorpe Rd Car Park

5th June 2021

Monks Cross main car park

14th June 2021

Monk Bar Car Park

25th June 2021

Rawcliffe Bar P+R

12th July 2021

Castle Car Park

On Hold

Union Terrace Car Park (not Hyperhub)

Spring 2021 with Hyperhub


Energy provider

Power for all CYC public chargers will be provided through the CYC Group Contract with N-Power (YPO matrix) which ensures all electricity used will be from renewable sources.


Publicity and Communications:



A press release, with news of the Monks Cross and Poppleton Bar Hyperhubs work, was sent to the publishers listed in table 2 on 18th February, including 3D rendered images of the Monks Cross and Poppleton Bar facilities. The story has also been picked up by a number of local news outlets.


Table 2: Publishers included in 18th Feb Hyperhubs press release.





EV Café

Auto Express

The Energyst

Next Green Car

Charge Devs

Drive Electric

Solar Power Portal

The Independent

Fully Charged



The Environmental Blog


Business Green

Bluetop Solar

Green Biz


Environmental News Network

EV Connectors

Green Journal


Figure 2: Artist’s impression of Monks Cross Hyperhub

Figure 3: Artist’s Impression of Poppleton Bar Hyperhub

BP Pulse – Back Office Handover


BP have emailed all “Charge your Car” network members that live in, or frequently visit our existing charge points, with details of the network changes and dates when each charge point will be switched over. Additionally, all York residents currently on the Charge Your Car network have been offered membership to the Pulse network at a reduced cost for 12 months.


Further details of installation dates and network will be communicated to residents via the Council’s website on a monthly basis.



BP Pulse Tariff


The City of York Network tariffs compare very favourably against commercial charging providers. We are also adopting a transparent tariff structure with no hidden fees, and no additional fees for contactless payments at Rapid/Ultra Rapid. There is no minimum spend and no transaction fee, so our tariff will be 20p or 25p regardless of the amount of charge received or the method of access.


Table 3 below shows the charging tariff’s which will apply to CoYCs chargers once on the BP Pulse network. The new tariff will be applied at each charge point as it is replaced and commissioned onto the BP Pulse network. The current rate of 15 p/kWh for Fast and Rapid charging will remain in place on our old chargers until they are replaced.


Table 3:Charging Tariff for all CoYC Public Chargers




All new charging equipment will be covered by a 5 year maintenance plan and back office support. The package includes annual and ad-hoc maintenance visits, automated fault reporting and 24hr telephone support for customers.