Additional representation for the Premises License application for 3 St Helen’s Square, York



Further to my previous representations in relation to 3 St Helens Square, York, I am submitting additional information to support my representation on the grounds of public nuisance. A planning application for the change of use of the premises and a listed building application have been made and these have not yet been decided.


There is an expectation when premises license applications are made that planning permission has already been obtained. This is important as the planning decision may restrict the type and amount of mitigation that can be implemented. It also helps to guide us in recommending appropriate licensing conditions for noise control. This is an old listed building and the sound insulation properties of the building envelope may not be suitable for controlling the breakout of noise from the licensable activities and we are awaiting further information for the planning applications in relation to this. Consequently until the planning decisions are made, I am unable to recommend appropriate licensing conditions in terms of controlling noise from music.








Michael Golightly

Technical Officer