Service Agreement for Friends of St Nicholas Fields

1st April 2021 to 31st March 2024,

with the option to extend to 31st March 2026


This service level agreement allocates funding to the Friends of St Nicholas Fields (Friends) to enable the organisation to:


·        Manage St Nicholas Fields Nature Reserve


·        Present a programme of volunteer, education and outreach work


·        Run projects, events and services which help to make York more sustainable.


During 2021-24 the Friends will use their grant to:


·        Maintain the leased area to Community Green Flag Standards as defined by the Department for Communities and Local Government or their agents.


·        Keep the site safe, clean and accessible.


·        Maintain an up to date management plan for the site.


·        Provide a year round volunteer programme, including long-term and one off opportunities


·        Improve the site for nature conservation by working with partners and maintaining up to date species data records.


·        Present a programme of year round events, education and outreach work for York communities to learn about the environment.


·        Support the council in the restoration of Osbaldwick Beck in Hull Road Park.



General Conditions

The conditions of the grant are as follows:

·          The grant will be used only for the purpose stated in this agreement.  If at any time the organisation wishes to use the grant for a purpose other than stated in this agreement they must gain prior approval from City of York Council


·          If the organisation is found to falsify any information supplied to City of York Council it will result in all or part of the funds being withdrawn by City of York Council


·          Should the organisation disband during the grant period, then City of York Council may ask for all or a proportion of the monies to be paid back


·          Where there is a breach of any of the conditions contained within this agreement the City of York Council reserves the right to claim back any grant aid



·          The organisation will acknowledge the financial support of the City of York Council in all communications with the media and inform their Client Officer of any good news stories relating to use of the grant


Statutory and Legal

·          The organisation shall be responsible for ensuring it complies with all statutory and legal obligations (e.g. health and safety, licensing, insurance, building regulations, planning consents etc) applicable to the activities funded by the grant



·          Provision must be made for up to date accounts to be kept by the organisation, and for those accounts to be audited annually by a competent person independent of the organisation.


·          The Grant of £23,008 per annum will be paid by BACS  in two equal instalments six months apart.

·          Confirmation of funding for years 2 and 3 will follow a satisfactory end of year monitoring by the named Client Officer. Years 4 and 5 will be subject to a satisfactory end of year monitoring by the named Client Officer and available budget.



·          The organisation must comply if the Client Officer makes a reasonable request to attend a workshop or activity.


·          The organisation is required to submit a copy of their Annual Accounts and Report to the Client Officer no less than 3 months following the organisation’s financial year end.


·          The organisation must make arrangements for performance monitoring and the evaluation of activities funded by this grant.  Monitoring reports will be submitted as prescribed by the Client Officer. 






lead officer








          Signed on behalf of the City of York Council





Lead officer