Joint Standards Committee

31 March 2021

Report of the Monitoring Officer

Update on Member Development


This report provides an update on Member Development.


At the last Joint Standards Committee Meeting in January 2021, Members resolved that the Chair and Vice Chair would compile a list of questions aimed at canvassing the opinions of Council Members on Member Development and Training.  The questions would then be circulated to Members for comment before they are shared with Group Leaders as part of the review.

The Chair and Vice Chair have compiled the following list:

1.   Do Members have a preferred platform for training to be conducted?  This can include face to face training, or online training.

2.   What are Members thoughts on areas of training which should be mandatory and areas considered optional?

3.   Who should monitor Members to ensure that they are attending any required training?

4.   Who should provide the training?



Not applicable to this report.

Human Resources (HR)

Not applicable to this report.




Regular Member Development on a range of topics could include training around Equality Act implications for Members to ensure that they meet the aims of the statutory framework and ensure that Local Authority functions can be conducted with the Act as a key factor in their work.


As detailed within the report.

Crime and Disorder, Information Technology and Property

Not applicable to this report.

Members views are sought around the 4 questions around Training and Development.



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22 March 2021





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