15 March 2021

Outbreak Management Advisory Committee

Covid-19 vaccination programme update

The vaccination programme continues to work well in North Yorkshire and York. We are working towards the national targets set by government including an offer of a first vaccination to everyone over 50 by 15th April and a first vaccination offer to every adult by 31st July.

While moving down the age groups, local GP-led vaccination services are focusing initially on the clinically vulnerable in their area, including those with long-term conditions. People in these cohorts will be invited for a vaccination either by the national vaccination centre or their GP. This means some younger people with underlying health conditions may be offered a local appointment before some in the older age groups – this does not mean anyone has been missed, invitations will come.

We continue to encourage all residents eligible for a vaccine to come forward.

COVID vaccination programme numbers

In the week ending the 7th March an additional 1,783,136 people were reported to have received an NHS vaccination for COVID-19 in England. This took the total number of people vaccinated with at least one dose as of the 7th March to 18,962,627. Of those vaccinated, 796,574 people have received a 2nd dose, taking the total number of vaccinations given to 19,759,201.

During the same time frame we will have vaccinated over 350,000 people in North Yorkshire and York.

Patient should already have second dose appointments or will be contacted by their GPs to arrange a time to receive their second dose. It’s important that people attend for their second dose when the time comes to get the maximum protection offered by the vaccine.

Care home vaccinations

Our practices are now working with our care homes to plan the remaining 2nd dose clinics and we anticipate most sites being planned before Easter, unless there was a delay in receiving 1st doses originally.


Stephanie Porter

Interim Director for Primary Care and Population Health