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Covid-19 in York: Public Health Data - One Page Summary (as at 15.3.21)

Key Impacts

·         The latest official “validated” rate of new Covid cases per 100,000 of population for the period 3.3.21 to 9.3.21 was 52.7. The national and regional averages at this date were 58.7 and 101.8 respectively (using data published on on 14.3.21).

·         As at 11.3.21, the latest 7 day positivity rate in York (Pillar 2 PCR tests only) was 1.72%. The national and regional averages are 2.7% and 4.9% respectively.

·         Since the start of the pandemic, 374 Covid-19 deaths were recorded as having occurred for CYC residents (218 in hospital, 128 in care homes, 20 at home and 8 in a hospice). The number of deaths per 100,000 of population in York is 177.6 which is lower than the national average of 220.0


Impact by age and gender

·         54.2% of those testing positive in York are female.  The average age of the people who died was 82.3, with an age range of 44-104. The age profile of those dying in York is older than the national average (80.3% of those who died in York were aged 75+ compared with 73.5% nationally). 171 of the 360 were male (47.5%), less than the national average (54.3%). 



·         The 7 day rate of cases per 100,000 in York has fallen from the peak of 671 on the 8th January to the current rate of 52.7.




NHS Test and Trace

·         Since 28.5.20  a total of 11,192 confirmed CYC Covid cases have been uploaded into the NHS Test and Trace system and 10,095 of the cases have been completed (90.2%). 25,024 ‘contacts’ have been identified and 19,704 of these have been completed (75.7%).




A weekly release of Covid-19 data is published on York Open Data.