Clerk to the Parish Council: Mr. K. Langley

33, Flats Lane, Barwick in Elmet, Leeds LS15 4LJ

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Dear Sir



In 2019, we acquired an area of land for use as a recreational area.


It has a children’s playground which is in much need of renovation. However, we want the area to be enjoyed by people of all ages and are looking to add some colour with planted areas and to upgrade the access route. Although the grass cutting is done by a contractor, we hope to engage both individuals and community groups (such as such as the Brownies and church group) in planting elsewhere and to retain their interest through ongoing maintenance. The funding will pay for the plants and planters and for a selection of tools and equipment and we will use Social Media, the local website and the village newsletter to engage with the community.


Yours Faithfully



Keith Langley

Clerk of Askham Bryan Parish Council