Askham Bryan Allotments for Stone and Gravel Charity


MINUTES of a meeting of the Askham Bryan Allotments for Stone and Gravel Charity      

held on Thursday 18th February 2021 by remote access immediately following the Parish Council meeting.




Andrew Steele (Chair) 





Julie Barber

Kathryn Smith

Kirsty Smahon

Mark Walker

Simon Peers


In attendance: Two residents and the locum Clerk.


1.    Minutes of the Meeting held on 21st January 2021

It was resolved that the minutes of the Charity Meeting held on 21st January 2021 having been circulated, be approved and signed, all in favour.


2.    Easter egg hunt.

It was agreed to approve the £125 budget for this event. The best software for design of flyers and printer suppliers was discussed.


3.    Transfer of ownership of the Recreational Area to the Charity from the Parish Council.

The offer of the Parish Council (PC) to transfer ownership of the Recreational Area to the Charity with up to £600 of the legal costs being borne by the PC was noted and it was agreed to accept the offer. A revised constitution would be needed and Cllr. Smahon volunteered to produce a draft for consideration at the future meeting.


4.    Financial Report.

The Clerk of the PC reported that the balance in the Co-Op account would be £11,342.20 once a unpresented cheque had cleared. There was £10,101.65 in one of the CCLA accounts as of 9th February, there was £1,117.24 in the other account as of 28th October 2020 but CCLA were awaiting formal authorisation before they could discuss this account with the Clerk.


That afternoon, he had received a letter from the bank confirming that they would reimburse the £5 fee for cancellation of the unpresented cheque and that the account would be amended so that dual authorisation would be required in order top process payments.


5.    Date of next meeting

The next meeting would be on 18th March 2021


The meeting closed at 8:40pm








18 March 2021