Annex B

The Objection


Dear Sir


I am opposed to the above limit for many common sense reasons


1 it is a fact that where such low limits are installed the limit is ignored so there is no point, a limit of 20 outside schools is of course acceptable


2 cyclists currently exceed this limit and the police have better things to do than enforce it


3 I am unaware of an excess number of accidents and speed does not cause accidents bad drivers do.


4 it is a waste of public money spending it on unnecessary, ugly and excessive signage, especially in these times when we are told our council is skint.


5 a notice on an out of the way light pole at the exit to the village is not sufficient notice to residents, every and all of the many neighbours I advised about the change was totally unaware of the new limit and there is no sign in the village itself that I have seen


6 parked cars already slow traffic on many streets especially Tranby Avenue and Yew Tree Mews eg is only 70 yards long and I doubt anybody even gets to 20 mph on that street


This nonsense should be stopped immediately as the current limit is sensible and easier to enforce