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Decision Session –

Executive Member for Transport

 9th March 2021


Report of the Assistant Director of Transport, Highways and Environment


Osbaldwick – Objection to Proposed 20mph Traffic Regulation Order


1.      To consider the objection made to a proposal to expand the existing 20mph speed limit in the Osbaldwick area.


2.     It is recommended that:

Option 1 be agreed and the 20mph speed limit be introduced as advertised.

Reason: because this will achieve a reduction in signs and poles on street in Osbaldwick village and a reduction in the future ongoing maintenance costs.


3.      Following representations from the local ward councillor and a petition, approval was given at a previous Executive Member for Transport meeting to advertise an expansion of the existing 20mph speed limit in the Osbaldwick area. This change was considered desirable because the speed survey data, shown within the previous report, that the traffic speed on the roads in question were already low enough and it would result in a reduction in signing in the area due to the removal of a significant number of speed limit terminal signs on the side roads where the limits changed from 30 to 20. The reduction in signing was considered good for the appearance of the area and for the reduction in the maintenance costs of the signs. Existing and proposed speed limits are shown on plans in Annex A.


4.      The proposals were advertised as required by the statutory process of notices on street, in the local press and to the statutory consultees.

5.      During the 3 week advertising period one objection was received, see Annex B. Whilst the views expressed in the objection are understood there is nothing in the objection that gives a cause for concern to not implement the proposal as advertised and achieve the improvements in the appearance of the village and reduction in maintenance costs.

Options for Consideration

6.      Option 1 – implement the proposed restrictions as advertised. This is the recommended option because it achieves the aims of the project and does not have any detrimental impact.

7.      Option 2 – drop the proposals and take no further action. This is not the recommended option because it would not deliver the desired improvements.

Council Plan

8.      The above proposal contributes to the Council Plan of:

·        A council that listens to residents with the use of evidence-based decision making,


9.      This report has the following implications:

Financial None.

Human Resources None

Equalities None.

Legal – None.

Crime and Disorder– None

Information Technology- None

Land – None

Other – None

Risk Management

10.   None.



 Contact Details


Chief Officer Responsible for the report:

Alistair Briggs

Principal Traffic Projects Officer

Dept. Transport

Tel: (01904) 551368

James Gilchrist

Assistant Director for Transport


Neil Ferris

Corporate Director of Economy and Place


Date: 11/12/2020




Specialist Implications Officer(s)




Wards Affected: Osbaldwick





For further information please contact the author of the report.


 Background Papers:

 Osbaldwick Area 20mph Speed Limit – 24th October 2019.



 Annex A  Existing and proposed speed limits

 Annex B  The objection