Climate Change Policy and Scrutiny Committee

Draft Work Plan 2020-21


Tuesday 9 March @5:30

1) Carbon Literacy Training

2) York's Tree Canopy Expansion Target

3) Establishing Key Performance Indicators to drive a zero carbon Roadmap for York

4) Work Plan


Tuesday 20 April @5:30 (Forum)


1) Relationship between the Local Plan and the Climate Change Strategy








Council Plan Priorities relating to Climate Change

A Greener and Cleaner City

·        A new climate change strategy

·        A road map to zero carbon by 2030

·        Review of waste collection options

·        Align strategies to protect the environment

·        Supplementary Planning Guidance on zero carbon buildings

·        Review of single use plastics

·        Mitigate and adapt to extreme weather events

An Open and Effective Council

·        Use procurement approaches to address climate emergency

Getting Around Sustainably

·        Identify options to move fleet to low/zero carbon

·        Expand York’s electric vehicle charging point network

·        Work in partnership to deliver low/zero carbon public transport

·        Implement York’s first Clean Air Zone and closely monitor air quality