Shareholder Committee

4 March 2021


Report of the Chief Finance Officer


Shareholder Committee Work Plan to March 2022


1.        This paper presents the future plan of reports expected to be presented to the Committee during the forthcoming year to March 2022.


2.        There are to be a number of meetings of the Committee in a municipal year. To assist members in their work, attached as an annex is an indicative rolling work plan for meetings up to March 2022.  This may be subject to change depending on any particular issues with council owned companies. A rolling work plan of the Committee will be reported at every meeting reflecting any known changes.

3.        The Council owns, or part owns, a number of companies.  Details of these companies are included in the council annual financial accounts and are listed in the table below.

Company name

Ownership details

Yorwaste & SJB Recycling

22.27% CYC

77.73% NYCC

Make It York

100% CYC


50% CYC

50% NYCC

City of York Trading Ltd

100% CYC




4.        The committee should consider, as a minimum, the business plan, a mid year performance update and the financial year outturn for each of the companies.  In practice, it is likely that the performance reports may be brought at different times during the year and therefore, at this stage, the work plan contains an update from each company at every meeting. 


5.        The work plan is subject to discussion by members at each meeting.


6.        Not relevant for the purpose of the report.


7.        Not relevant for the purpose of the report.

        Council Plan

8.        This report contributes to the overall effectiveness of the council’s governance and assurance arrangements contributing to an ‘Effective Organisation’.

9.           Implications

·        Financial - There are no implications


·        Human Resources (HR) - There are no implications


·        Equalities - There are no implications


·        Legal - There are no implications


·        Crime and Disorder  - There are no implications


·        Information Technology (IT)  - There are no implications


·        Property - There are no implications


Risk Management

10.    By not complying with the requirements of this report, the council will fail to have in place adequate scrutiny of its internal control environment and governance arrangements, and it will also fail to properly comply with legislative and best practice requirements.



11.              (i)    The Committee’s work plan for the period up to March 2022    be noted.

Reason: To ensure the Committee receives regular reports in accordance with the functions of an effective Shareholder committee.


(ii)  Members identify any further items they wish to add to the work plan.


Reason: To ensure the Committee can seek assurances on any aspect of the council’s internal control environment in accordance with its roles and responsibilities.


Contact Details




Chief Officer Responsible for the report:


Debbie Mitchell

Chief Finance Officer

Telephone: 01904 554161



Debbie Mitchell

Chief Finance Officer


Report Approved




Specialist Implications Officers None


Wards Affected:  Not applicable





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Annex 1: Shareholder Committee Work Plan to March 2022