Decision Session - Executive Member for Culture, Leisure and Communities


      2 March 2021

Report of the Assistant Director (Communities & Culture)

Service Level Agreements – Cultural and Infrastructure Organisations


1.           This report seeks approval for three year funding agreements to 31 March 2024 with York CVS, Accessible Arts & Media and the National Centre for Early Music.


2.           The Executive Member is asked to approve the funding awards set out in paragraph 4 and the associated service level agreements (SLAs) set out in the annexes.

Reason: To increase the wellbeing and quality of life of York residents.


3.           In accordance with best national best practice we have previously negotiated a three year partnership funding agreements with our significant infrastructure and cultural organisations in York.  York CVS, Accessible Arts & Media and the National Centre for Early Music have been recipients of a previous SLAs which finished this month.  This report proposes renewed funding for 2021–2024.


4.           It is proposed to offer the organisations the following:

·        York CVS:

o   Core funding - £48,000

o   Community Voices - £10k

·        Accessible Arts & Media - £8,400 p.a.

·        National Centre for Early Music - £8,146 p.a.

5.           The proposed SLAs are attached as annexes.

Options and analysis

6.           The principal options open to the Executive Member are to:

·        Determine whether to make the awards recommended

·        Suggest any amendment to the SLAs attached

Council Plan

7.           The actions set out in the report contribute to the Safe Communities and culture for all priority in the Council Plan.


8.           Financial - The total funding made available is within existing budget provision.

9.           Equalities – this funding support enables the most vulnerable sections of the community to access environmental, arts and media opportunities and to gain new skills in these sectors.

10.       There are no Legal, Property, Human Resources, Crime and Disorder, or Information Technology implications arising from this report.

Risk Management

11.       In compliance with the Council’s risk management strategy the main risks that have been identified in this report are those which could lead to the inability to meet business objectives and failure to meet stakeholders’ expectations, which could in turn damage the Council’s image and reputation.  Measured in terms of impact and likelihood, the risk score has been assessed at “Low”.  This means that the risk level is acceptable but that regular monitoring of progress against delivery of ward schemes will be required.




Contact Details


Chief officer responsible for the report:

Charlie Croft

Assistant Director, Communities & Culture


Amanda Hatton

Corporate Director of People


Report Approved


28 January 2021

Specialist Implications Officer(s):  N/A 

Wards Affected: 


For further information please contact the author of the report



Annex 1 – York CVS: Core Funding

Annex 2 – York CVS: Community Voices 

Annex 3 – Accessible Arts and Media

Annex 4 – National Centre for Early Music