Service Agreement Accessible Arts and Media 

1st April 2021 to 31st March 2024


This annual service level agreement allocates funding to Accessible Arts & Media for 2021-24. 


Support is given to Accessible Arts and Media to enable the organisation to support young people, disabled people and other vulnerable adults in York to develop new skills and confidence through taking part in creative learning activities.


Accessible Arts & Media will do this by the development of a vibrant range of accessible, inclusive and affordable creative learning projects.


During 2021-24 Accessible Arts & Media will use their grant to:

·        Develop and provide a programme of arts and creative media learning activities with a range of groups from disabled young people and adults, to older people and people with mental health problems in York and the surrounding area. This will include four key projects:

1.   To support and develop the Hands and Voices Choir;

2.   To support and develop IMPs (Inclusive Music Project);

3.   To support and develop iMUSE (Interactive Multi-Sensory Environment).

4.   To support and develop a range of inclusive online creative sessions (using Facebook Live and Zoom) and tailored 1:1 activities including phone and video sessions and home visits (when safe to do so)


·        Continue to work strategically with a range of partners and networks in York and the surrounding area, including: Cultural Leaders Group; Cultural Learning Partnership; Culture and Wellbeing York; Local Area Coordination and Ways to Wellbeing; York Youth Sector Network; York Learning Disability Provider Forum and the Media Guild, supporting CYC to achieve its strategic priorities.


·        Continue to use the SLA from CYC to lever in additional funding through the four programmes mentioned above.


·        Achieve the following outcomes on the CYC funded programmes.


For participants:


o   improved mental, emotional and physical wellbeing;

o   raised aspirations;

o   greater resilience and independence;

o   heightened recognition of their own contribution and its value; and

o   strengthened family and social networks.


For the wider community:


o   changed attitudes towards the people who take part in our projects and the contribution they can make, when given the right support.


These targets will be reviewed annually during the end of year monitoring and may be subject to amendment.   Accessible Arts & Media will also be asked to provide information as set out in the annual monitoring form.


General Conditions:

The conditions of the grant are as follows:

·          The grant will be used only for the purpose stated in this agreement.  If at any time the organisation wishes to use the grant for a purpose other than stated in this agreement they must gain prior approval from City of York Council


·          If the organisation is found to falsify any information supplied to City of York Council it will result in all or part of the funds being withdrawn by City of York Council


·          The organisation is required to give reasonable notice of any AAM AGM or EGM meetings and invite the Client Officer to attend as an observer


·          Where there is a breach of any of the conditions contained within this agreement the City of York Council reserves the right to claim back any grant aid


·          Should the organisation disband during the grant period, then City of York Council may ask for all or a proportion of the monies to be paid back



·          The organisation will acknowledge the financial support of the City of York Council in all communications with the media and inform their Client Officer of any good news stories relating to AAM.


·          The organisation will ensure that the City of York Council logo, and any other Council logos as appropriate, is used on all printed material (e.g. posters, flyers and programmes) and on any new media resources were appropriate (websites, Facebook, etc.).


Statutory and Legal


·          The organisation shall be responsible for ensuring it complies with all statutory and legal obligations (e.g. health and safety, licensing, insurance, building regulations, planning consents etc) applicable to the activities funded by the grant


·          The organisation shall indemnify the City of York Council in respect of claims arising out of the provision of the activity funded by the grant, with the level of the professional indemnity being no less than five million pounds.  One off public events or performances will be individually and appropriately indemnified.  Copies of policy documents must be made available on request


·          The organisation shall ensure that freelance staff and sub-contracted 3rd parties fully indemnify AAM in respect of claims arising out of the provision of any activity carried out on behalf of AAM which is funded by the grant, with the level of the professional indemnity being no less than five million pounds. 


·          The organisation will ensure that staff, artists or volunteers who work directly with children and vulnerable adults must have an enhanced Disclosure and Baring Service (DBS) check.  DBS checks should be received and confirmed as satisfactory prior to any work being undertaken.



·          The Grant of £8,400 per annum will be paid by BACS.


·          Provision must be made for up to date accounts to be kept by the organisation, and for those accounts to be audited annually by a competent person independent of the organisation.

·          Confirmation of funding for years 2 and 3 will follow a satisfactory end of year monitoring by the named Client Officer.



·          The organisation must comply if the Client Officer makes a reasonable request to attend a workshop or activity.


·          The organisation is required to submit a copy of their Annual Accounts and Report to the Client Officer no less than 6 months following the organisation’s financial year end.


·          The organisation must make arrangements for performance monitoring and the evaluation of activities funded by this grant.  Monitoring reports will be submitted as prescribed by the Client Officer. 



Signed ON BEHALF OF ACCESSIBLE Arts and media






E.m. Jones

chief executive


R Kent





          Signed on behalf of the City of York Council





CLIENT officer



c.d. cROFT