Askham Bryan Allotments for Stone and Gravel Charity


MINUTES of a meeting of the Askham Bryan Allotments for Stone and Gravel Charity      

held on Thursday 21st January 2021 by remote access immediately following the Parish Council meeting.




Andrew Steele (Chair) 





Julie Barber

Kathryn Smith

Kirsty Smahon

Mark Walker

Simon Peers


In attendance: Two residents and the locum Clerk.


1.    Minutes of the Meeting held on 19th November 2020

It was resolved that the minutes of the Charity Meeting held on 19th Noveber 2020 having been circulated, be approved and signed, all in favour.


2.    Christmas Lights report

There had been lots of positive feedback regarding the Christmas lights including comments from the previous Clerk. The equipment associated with the event was now being stored at the home of Cllr. Peers. Some of the fairy lights no longer work (they were £3 each). Cllrs. Peers and Smahon were thanked for the work they had done. It was noted that the frames for the signs could be used for other events.


3.    Financial Report.

The Clerk of the Parish Council reported that the balance in the Co-Op account was £11,821.25 and there was £10,716.41 being held in the two CCLA accounts. Income in January was £382 from Hopwood Coaches and £9.49 from Just Giving.


A cheque for £250.00 for the Christmas Trees had not been received by the supplier and the Clerk had contacted the bank to see if it had been presented. The bank had cancelled the cheque but were not transparent about the £5 fee levied. Concern was also expressed that dual authorisation was not working as both Cllr. Peers and the Clerk had been able to process payments without needing a second authoriser, the Clerk would take this up with the bank.


Cllr. Peers had started to draft an amendment to the Constitution which had highlighted that it is out of date (for example it includes parcels of land which have since been sold) and doesn’t compare well with modern charity constitutions. Legal advice would be needed, Councillors would see if they could find a quote circuited by Cllr. Smahon. There would be an agenda item next time to consider taking this forward.


4.    Date of next meeting

The next meeting would be on 18th February 2021


The meeting closed at 8:50pm








18 February 2020