Easter Egg Hunt Proposal



Overview of Event

The proposal is to have twenty large Easter eggs (A3) printed on corrugated plastic and positioned around the village for residents to find in an “Easter Egg Hunt”. The Easter eggs will be in situ by Friday 26th March and the hunt will be “live” from the week before to the week after Easter. These eggs will be collected at the end of the hunt and can be reused for the following year.


Attached to each egg will be a laminated word (for example the name of a country) and as people do the hunt they will need to write down the names of the twenty countries. Once they have all twenty they can email their answers to askhambryanpc@gmail.com. Those with all the correct answers will all be put into a draw for a “Easter Hamper”. The draw will be made on Monday 12th April and the winners announced on Facebook/Noticeboard etc. The theme each year can change as the laminated words vary etc.


Much as in the theme of the Christmas lights event, the Village Hall/Church/Pub will all be contacted to see if they would like to host an egg to involve a broad section of the community. Additional eggs can be placed on Parish Council land or in private residents gardens (If they agree to be involved if approached).


The event will be advertised using social media and the Village Newsletter (with the option of an additional flyer insert).


A risk assessment will be completed on approval of this event.


Proposed budget to be used from Allotments for Stone and Gravel Charity

Cost of 20 x A3 Easter Eggs printed on corrugated plastic     £45

Cost of flyer insert in Newsletter (Optional)                          £40

Cost of Easter Hamper                                                            £40


Proposed text for Village Newsletter

Askham Bryan Parish Council presents

(In conjunction with the Village Hall, St. Nicholas’ Church and The Nags Head Inn)

All-age Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday 27th March – Sunday 11th April

Win an Easter Hamper!!

Hidden around the village are 20 Easter Eggs and each one has the name of a country next to it. Find all twenty eggs (or as many as you can); write down the name of the countries and email your answers to: askhambryanpc@gmail.com

The winner will be chosen on Monday 12th April and announced on our Facebook Page (askhambryanpcofficial) and the Parish Council noticeboard. Good luck!