Parish council

Village Pond

As mentioned in the previous Village Newsletter your Parish Council has been investigating the management of our much loved village pond and have had various advice from experts.

The pond is very much natural and as such is entirely dependent on rainfall for volume of water.  There is a problem from silting, created principally by leaf litter and wildfowl excrement, and also self seeded saplings and the requirement for tree management.  Mechanically dredging the pond would risk penetration of the clay/stone lining with obvious reduction in water level, alternatively the silt could be dug by hand whichever system is used there would be a problem disposing of the waste.  Another option would be to allow the silt to build up and eventually create a wetland/swamp with a different wildlife population.

What is the opinion of residents of the village a clear water area with resultant wildfowl or to let nature take its course?

If anyone has specific ideas on this issue we would welcome their feedback.  We also intend to relauch the Natural Environment Committee and need volunteers to be members of that group.

Please contact us via the Clerk Keith Langley (see back page) or our Facebook page @askhambryanpcofficial