Minutes of the Dunnington Parish Council meeting held on 11th January 2021. (Virtual)

Present: Cllrs G Shaw, A Dykes, J Maggs, L Turnbull, D Swallow, J Farmer, N Ford, M Thompson, J Brooks and S Hardwell

Clerk: J Bone

Ward Councillors M Rowley and M Warters attended

Two members of the public were also present

Before the meeting began the Chairman G Shaw advised that Councillor Gill Calvert had resigned from the Council


1                     FORMALITIES

1.1               Parish Council to receive apologies for absence given in advance of the meeting

Cllr G Kay - working

1.2               Parish Council approved apologies and reasons for absence

1.3               Previous Meeting Minutes (14/12/20) were approved

1.6          Declarations of Interest - None

2              POLICE REPORT

2.1          Police Report had not been received but Cllr D Swallow had been promised this would     be sent but Cllr M Thompson reported that police patrols had taken place.


No members of the public wished to speak.


4.1          The council will resolve to exclude the press and public, from the meeting for any item    where the publicity of the matter being prejudicial to the public interest or by reason   of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted or for other special reasons   - Resolved


5.1          Discussion took place and a small group will be formed to look at and clarify the ownership of the grounds and buildings.

6              BUDGET FOR CONSIDERATION 2021-22

6.1          Precept increase to be approved for 2021/22 – A discussion took place and after a             vote was decided at a 10% increase – vote 9 for and 1 against

6.2          Final Budget to be approved for 2021/22 – after a discussion and a vote decision was 9    for and 1 against.

7              PC TO CONSIDER APPLICATIONS FOR THE COUNCILLOR VACANCY AND DECIDE WHICH ONES TO INVITE AND MAKE A PRESENTATION AT THE NEXT PC MEETING         PRIOR TO A VOTE                                                                                                                                            After discussion the decision was made to invite all three candidates to the February                 meeting to present themselves and answer questions posed by the PC

8              CEMETERY ISSUES

8.1          PC to discuss request for refuse collection from the cemetery – PC agreed to approach    COYC to include the Cemetery on the refuse collection – the Clerk will follow up

8.2          PC to discuss and agree funding request for cemetery – Cllr L Turnbull had circulated a     paper to proposing work to be done. PC agreed the work could go ahead – quote is £480 plus VAT.

9              TRAVELLERS SITE A166 – Cllr A Dykes gave an update

10           UPDATE ON INTAKE LANE – Cllr A Dykes gave an update, the first phase has now been    completed

11           UPDATE H31 EASTFIELD LANE DUNNINGTON – Cllr a Dykes gave an update, the decision has not been made as COYC have given the builder until 5th March to provide              further detail

12           APPOINTMENT OF A REPLACEMENT PARISH REPRESENTATIVE TO THE CITY OF YORK      COUNCIL STANDARDS COMMITTEE                                                                                                            Discussion took place and city of York ward Councillor Martin Rowley advised what       this would entail.
















13.1        Full updated Accounts and Accruals to date for 2020/21 as follows

Additional items of expenditure were 14.39 for Zoom costs and 12.00 subscription costs

13.2        Correspondence

                Various items received by email from Ward Councillors, COYC, YLCA and Parishioners

                Discussion took place in respect of correspondence received in respect of doctor’s             surgery availability.

13.3        PC to agree to obtaining new Internal auditor due to retirement of current auditor-           Resolved Clerk to follow up

14           REVIEWS

14.1        Local projects  - Cllr A Dykes is progressing the Noticeboards

14.2        PFA Update – Cllr J Farmer reported that all closed down again and very sad for the         people who enjoy sport and organised exercise. 


It has provided an opportunity to review how the organisation is run and this is being      looked at.   At the end of last year we had 2 volunteers but not had the opportunity to         show them the ropes.  £300 raised  at the Boxing Day Walk for Alzheimer’s Research            and MIND.  A lot of people walked at varying times of day and 80 people booked to             come to the club afterwards and gave very generously.  A ward grant for equipment        has been received to assist football and cricket maintain their grounds.  This was very              gratefully received and will save them money as volunteers can carry out the work   instead of outside contractors.

14.3        Communications – Cllr D Swallow had nothing new to report

14.4        In-Bloom - Cllr J Brooks had nothing new to report

14.5       Environment – Cllr L Turnbull reported that a new spec has been sent out to various         Garden Maintenance contractors as the contract is up for tender in March.

14.6       Cemetery – Cllr J Brooks/N Ford reported that phase 2 requires progression, needs          turning over and new grass put down.

14.7       Playpark – Cllr J Maggs reported that more maintenance had to be carried out in               December. Broken glass is causing problems.

14.8        Transport – Cllr J Maggs reported on Transport issues in the Parish         

14.9       Ward Committee  - nothing new to report

14.10      Scouts and Guides – Cllr A Dykes reported that a ward grant is being pursued for the       resurfacing outside the Scouts and Guides Hut

14.11     Parish Land and Allotments – Cllr G Kay had nothing new to report

14.12     Dunnington School – Cllrs Sarah Hardwell reported that the school is still open and           41% of children attended last week

15           PLANNING - Ongoing Applications         

15.1        Os Field 2800 Eastfield Lane Dunnington York - Erection of 78 dwellings, landscaping,       public open space and associated infrastructure

15.2        Ridgeway 2 Greencroft Court Dunnington York YO19 5NN - Single storey extension to       side and rear following demolition of existing garage

15.3        1 Kendal Close Dunnington York YO19 5PG - Two storey side extension

15.4        Holme Lea Hull Road Dunnington York YO19 5LR - Removal of condition 4              (archaeological investigation) of permitted application 19/01833/FUL (extension of      access track).

15.5        69 York Street Dunnington York YO19 5QW - Single storey conservatory to rear

15.6        The Meadows  Hull Road Dunnington York YO19 5LR - Erection of building for use as         home office after demolition of existing agricultural building

15.7        14 Hunters Wood Way Dunnington York YO19 5RA - Single storey side extension




16           PLANNING - New Applications

16.1        Highthorn Stamford Bridge Road Dunnington York YO19 5LN - Conversion of the                 existing agricultural building (located in field to the north east of Highthorn) to form                 1no. dwelling with associated works and infrastructure; and change of use              agricultural land to domestic curtilage. Alteration and widening of the vehicle access   from Stamford Bridge Road


17           PLANNING - Decisions (COYC)

17.1        1 Church Street Dunnington York YO19 5PP - Crown clean 3no. Juniper trees; remove       branches from Ash - tree works in a Conservation Area – Approved

17.2        Dunnington House 31 Common Road Dunnington York YO19 5NG - Crown reduce              1no. Yew and 2no. Holly trees by 2m - tree works in a Conservation Area. – Approved




18.1        Hull Road

18.2        1 Church St

18.3        Travellers Site A166


19           AOB

Next Meeting to be held Monday 8th February 2021 venue to be arranged.