Chair: Cllr S Hardcastle

Acting Clerk: Cllr J Fletcher –


Minutes of  an Extra-ordinary Meeting of Deighton Parish Council held online via

Zoom Video Conferencing on Monday 18th January 2021 at 7.30pm.



21011  Welcome & Apologies:

The Chairman welcomed Councillors to the meeting.

All Councillors were in attendance and this was noted for the attendance record.

Present:  Cllrs Hardcastle (Chair), Brack, Fletcher, Chambers, Henshall


21012  Declarations of Interest:

No declarations were made.


21013  Public Forum

No Parishioners were present and no reports had been received from the Police or the Ward Councillor


21014  Minutes of Meetings             

The minutes of meetings held by Zoom Video conferencing on 11 January 2021 were accepted as a true and correct record of the proceedings of the meeting and duly signed by the Chairman.


21015  Clerk Vacancy/Appointment of HR/Staffing Commitee

            It was resolved that Councillors Hardcastle, Brack and Fletcher would form a Staffing/HR Committee to be responsible for all Staff matters including a recruitment process to appoint a new Clerk and issuing a contract of employment.  Terms, conditions and pay scales to be in line with local Government recommendations following YLCA advice.  It was agreed that Cllr Brack would attend a Zoom course on Thursday 21/01/21 6-9pm. entitled “Understanding the Role of the Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer.”  at a cost of £15 (less discount)


21016  Councillor Vacancies

            The Chairman advised of the resignation of Councillor Bartram due to ill health.  He recorded the Council’s thanks to him for his many years of service both as a Councillor and as Chairman and said that he had done a lot of good things whilst in office.  The vacancy would be notified to Electoral Services in the usual manner.


            It was agreed that the vacancy for which the Council was in a position to co-opt would be advertised in the notice boards and website.




21017  Finance

            The following invoices were approved for payment

            Cllr A Henshall, reimbursement for battery charger for Xmas lights £15.00

            Autela Payroll Services (6 months) £102.52


21018  Exemption Certificate 2019-2020

It was noted that the Council was well within the set limits that required an intermediate audit but it was agreed to contact the external auditor to correct the erroneous figures submitted by the previous clerk.


21019  Access to Parish Council e-mail

It was agreed that all Councillors could access the e-mail account if they so desired but

that only the Clerk and the Chairman would be in a position to send e-mail on the parish

council’s behalf. This would be written into new Standing Orders.


21020  Planning


A         Spring Wood Stables, New Road, Deighton (20/02444/FUL)

Erection of temporary dwelling and 1 no. agricultural building for the housing of livestock.


The Council objects to the application for a temporary dwelling as the site lies within the York greenbelt.


B          Pasture Farm, Main Street, Deighton (20/01544/FUL)

            Revised Plan for two bedroomed bungalow (including partial barn conversion) following partial demolition of 2 no. barns)


            It was noted that new plans had been submitted although the Council had not been consulted on these.  It was agreed to send comments that Deighton Parish Council had no objection to the revised plan which was for a smaller dwelling but that it had concerns over the ownership and future maintenance of the public right of way that crosses the land.


C         Crabtree Farm, Deighton


It was noted that recent extensions including a large conservatory had been added to this property.  It was agreed to send a letter asking if building control was satisfied that the development met current building regulations and the planning permission that was granted in 2008.


21021  Council Policies

            It was agreed that Councillors Hardcastle and Fletcher would draft new policies as required using zoom technology.  These would be sent to all Councillors in due course to endorse before being adopted at a full Council meeting.   Councillors Henshall and Chambers would work on devising a “Disaster Emergency Plan”


21022  Liaison with Escrick Parish Council 

            After discussion with Chair and Councillor of Escrick Parish Council it was agreed that Cllrs Brack, Henshall and the Chair form a liaison group to discuss items of common interest.


21023  Covid Policy

            The Council adopted a COVID-19 policy


 “We will follow to the best of our ability the recommendations given by the City of York Council and the Government also following advice from YLCA”.


21024  Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Brack said that due the current restrictions surrounding Covid the Council hadn’t been able to make any progress although the format of the questionnaire had now received CYC approval.  It was agreed to seek three quotations for printing.


21025  Highway Matters

            A  Bus Shelter lighting

It was reported that the light at the southbound bus stop was now up and running.  The Chairman thanked Cllr Henshall for all his efforts.  He also thanked former Councillor D Dickman and Mrs K Chambers for the part they had played in bringing this long-standing problem to a satisfactory conclusion.  It was reported that Cllr Vassie was trying to get lighting on the west side of the A19 to further light this area.


B  Pot Hole in Deighton Main Street

A pothole at the corner of Forge Lane and Main Street had been reported to CYC who had informed that it was a private road and not their responsibility.


21026  Additional Meetings

            It was agreed for the time being to hold monthly meetings by Zoom on the second Monday of every month.  An extraordinary meeting would be held on Monday 25 January tyo look at the budget and set the precept for 2020/21


21027  Items for Next Agenda

            VE date raffle

Speed signs/monitoring/speed camera

Website – updating


There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at  21.20






Signed                                         (Chair)








Minutes taken by Cllr J M Fletcher