Deighton Parish Council

Chairman: Steven Hardcastle, Ivy Dene, Main Street, Deighton, YORK YO19 6HD

07770 746458                


Zoom Meeting ID: 957 3744 4732

Passcode: 707071


Meetings are open to the Public except for any item labelled as part 2 under the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 Section 1

Press and Public may not speak when the Council is in progress; when Councillors are discussing council business; when councillors are in the process of decision making.

·         Any elector is entitled to attend this meeting and any concerns, questions or suggestions will be taken after the Chairman welcomes those present.  The time for this will be limited to 5 minutes.

·         Decisions cannot be made at this meeting on items not on the agenda.

·         Councillors, clerk, public and press are requested to sign the attendance book.


Cllr. J M Fletcher

Acting as Interim Clerk

13 January 2021



21011              Attendance/Apologies

To receive any apologies for absence and approve reasons.

All present are required to sign the attendance book


21012              Declarations of Interest

                        To receive any declarations of interest on any items on the agenda and any requests for dispensations.


21013              Public Forum to include

·         Parishioners’ Questions

·         To receive Police Report

·         To receive any report from Ward Councillor


21014              Minutes

                        To approve Minutes of meeting held on 11th January 2021


21015              Vacancy for Clerk

To appoint a Staffing/HR Committee to decide on terms of contract for new Clerk and carry out recruitment process.



21016                Parish Councillor Vacancy

                          To agree to re-advertise the existing vacancy


21017                Finance

                          To approve the following accounts for payment

                          Cllr Henshall in respect of battery charger for Xmas lights reimbursement £15


21018                Exemption Certificate 2019-20

                          To agree to contact the external auditors to correct the figure given on the exemption certificate 2019-20


21019                Parish Council e-mail account

                          To decide on access to the e-mail account 


21020                Planning


A         Spring Wood Stables, New Road, Deighton (20/02444/FUL)

                          Erection of temporary dwelling and 1 no agricultural building for the housing of livestock.

              B          Pasture Farm, Deighton -revised plans

              C          Crabtree Farm, Deighton - recent extensions


21021                Council Policies

To agree to set up a working group to prepare updated Policies as necessary (using Zoom) and to decide on membership.  Policies to be adopted by the Council, as soon as practicable


21022                Liaison with Escrick Parish Council on Selby Mine site application including highway matters

To agree to work together with Escrick Parish Council on matters affecting both Councils and to elect representative/s


21023                Covid Policy

                          To agree to adopt a Policy.


21024                Neighbourhood Plan

                          To receive a progress report from Cllr Brack


21025                Pothole – Deighton Main Street/Forge Lane


21026                Additional Meetings

                          To set dates of additional meetings as required


21027                Items for Next Agenda