Health and Adult Social Care Policy and Scrutiny Committee

Work Plan

12 January 2021 (Informal Forum)

1.   Peer Review Work – Reducing Admissions to Care

2.   Smoking cessation + Tobacco Control in York

3.   Covid update 

4.   Work Plan

9 February 2021

1.   Covid Update – The Director of Public Health will provide the Committee with a verbal update at the meeting in relation to Covid 19.

2.   Commissioning update on the care market, and capacity requirements

for the coming period.

3.   Work Plan

13 April 2021 (Informal Forum)

1.  Covid Update

2.  Summary of decisions / actions (including any recommendations to be taken to the next meeting of the Corporate Scrutiny Management Committee) 

11 May 2021

1.   Covid Update

2.    Update on the Peer Review Work – Reducing Admissions to Care

3.   The All Age Learning Disabilities Strategy 2019 – 2024  - Update on progress with delivery of the strategy:

4.   Work Plan


Agenda items for consideration

1.   The NHS led provider collaborative - will be in place from April 2020.  It would be beneficial to invite relevant colleagues to a future meeting to gain an understanding of what these changes mean/t and perhaps an update on what has happened (positive or not so good) now it will have been established.                           

2.   ‘Dying Well’ – a theme arising from a discussion at an earlier meeting.  Under this broad heading would include consideration of hospices. They are only partly supported financially by the Health Service and raise the majority of their own funding. (The Chair would have a non-prejudicial interest - in that his partner is a CEO of a hospice).                                    

3.   Blue Badge Guidance for implementation                    

4.   Childhood Obesity - for consideration on what other Authorities do to address this concern.  It had been noted that Leeds had success in this area.  Identifying funding streams to support work on this aspect. 

5.   Children’s Dental Health in York – (consider after the pandemic)                                                                     

6.   Health & ASC Finance & Monitoring reports                                   

7.  Adult Safeguarding                             

8.  Mental Health - several aspects potentially - Place based community approach update and also post Covid for both young people and adults.                             

9. Update on the situation regarding rough sleepers                             

10. Update on smoking cessation and tobacco control in York                                



Council Plan Priorities relating to Health and Adult Social Care

Good Health and Wellbeing

·        Contribute to mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Health and Wellbeing strategies

·        Improve mental health support and People Helping People scheme

·        Support individual’s independence in their own homes

·        Continue the older persons’ accommodation programme

·        Support substance misuse services

·        Invest in social prescribing, Local Area Coordinators and Talking Points

·        Open spaces available to all sports and physical activity

·        Make York an Autism friendly city

·        Embed Good help principles into services

·        Safeguarding a priority in all services

Creating Homes and World-class infrastructure

·        Deliver housing to meet the needs of older residents

A Better Start for Children and Young People

·        Tackle rise in Mental Health issues

Safe Communities and Culture for All

·        Explore social prescribing at local level to tackle loneliness

·        Expand People Helping People scheme