Joint Standards Committee

20 January 2021

Report of the Monitoring Officer

Monitoring Report in respect of Complaints Received


This report is to update the Committee on the position regarding ongoing complaints.


The table attached at Annex A provides information about ongoing complaints. 

Case references 739, 740 and 741 are still on hold pending the outcome of investigations into the conduct by another party.

Case references 2020/04 and 2020/10 are both currently being investigated.  Case reference 2020/12 has been on hold pending the outcome of an investigation into the conduct by another party.  The Council have just been notified that this investigation has now concluded, therefore, the investigation can now begin.  Case references 2020/13 to 2020/20 are all also currently under investigation.

Case references 2020/07 and 2020/08 have both concluded as the Parish Councillor resigned from the Parish Council.

Case references 2020/09 and 2020/11 have been assessed and no further action is to be taken, therefore, these matters are now closed. 

Case reference 2020/21 is currently being assessed.



Not applicable to this report.

Human Resources (HR)

Not applicable to this report.


Maintaining standards across the City through the Code of Conduct ensures that an ethical framework can be adhered to. 


As detailed within the report.

Crime and Disorder, Information Technology and Property

Not applicable to this report.

1.   That the Joint Standards Committee notes the report, in order to ensure that the Committee is aware of the current levels of activity and is able to provide oversight of the complaints procedure.



Rachel Antonelli

Senior Solicitor & Interim

Deputy Monitoring Officer

 Chief Officer Responsible for the report: Janie Berry

Director of Governance &

Monitoring Officer

Tel:  01904 555385

Tel:  01904 551043



Report Approved


11 January 2021





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Background Papers:

·        Annex A – Table showing complaints received.

·         Annex B (Exempt) - Table showing complaints received.