Joint Standards Committee

20 January 2021

Report of the Monitoring Officer

Member Development


This report is prepared to encourage a debate around Member Development.


City of York Council conducts Member Development and Training to all Members at regular intervals, whether this be induction Training or a review of certain areas which aids Members in their roles.  A review of the Training provided to Members is currently being conducted and the views of the Joint Standards Committee are sought before proposals are presented to Group Leaders.

Member Training and Development could include Training for new Members and also update Training to refresh Members.  Topics for Development could include Licensing, Planning, the Council’s Constitution, Standards, Information Governance, Safeguarding (Adults and Children) and Corporate Parenting.

Members views are sought as to possible platforms for delivering Training and also an indication as to areas of Development which could be mandatory for Members.



Not applicable to this report.

Human Resources (HR)

Not applicable to this report.


None applicable to this report.


As detailed within the report.]

Crime and Disorder, Information Technology and Property

Not applicable to this report.

Members views are sought around Member Training and Development.



Rachel Antonelli

Senior Solicitor & Interim

Deputy Monitoring Officer

 Chief Officer Responsible for the report: Janie Berry

Director of Governance &

Monitoring Officer

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Report Approved


11 January 2021





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