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18 January 2021

Report of the Assistant Director of Transport, Highways and Environment



Draft Vehicle Crossings Policy




1.        This report presents a draft vehicle crossing policy which is proposed to be adopted by City of York Council to support the vehicle crossing application process.



        This section should set out clearly the author’s recommendation for a particular option and the reasons why.

2.        The Executive is asked to:

1)   Recommend that the draft policy presented below be subject to public consultation. The draft policy would then become final if no objections are received at the end of the consultation period (3 months) or would be presented to the Executive member for decision if objections are received.

Reason: To support the decision making process for vehicle crossing applications submitted to City of York Council.


3.        City of York Council, as the local highway authority and under Section 184 of the Highways Act 1980, has the power to grant permission for a vehicle crossing to be constructed, enabling a motorised vehicle to drive over a kerbed footway or verge.


4.        This report present draft vehicle crossing policy to support officer decision making when considering applications for new and improved vehicle crossings.



5.        This draft policy has been the subject of internal consultation with the Council.


6.        The proposed draft policy will then be open to public consultation for a period of three months before being finalised (subject to changes required as a result of the feedback received through this consultation process).



7.        Option 1 – Approve this draft policy document for publication to support a public consultation process (three months) before the policy is finalised.


8.        Option 2 – Reject the draft policy and require officers to undertake further work to amend the draft.



9.      The adoption of a clear policy to guide officers’ decisions on vehicle crossing applications will enable a more efficient decision making process for applications and will also provide applicants with clearer information on what is likely to be acceptable/refused before they submit their application.


Council Plan


10.    Contributes to key council priorities within the Council Plan 2019-2023, ‘Making History and Building Communities’ including;


a.   Getting around sustainability by ensuring that suitable vehicle crossing are permitted, avoiding parked vehicles encroaching on footways and ensuring adequate consideration for road safety

b.   a greener and cleaner city – as above

c.   an open and effective council – by providing clear information on how decision on vehicle crossing applications are made



11.    The following implications have been identified. 

·           Financial –this policy is not anticipated to reduce the income we receive and therefore will not have a budget impact as it clarifies the criteria not fundamentally changes it,

·           Equalities – positive impact anticipated, linked to a reduction in the number of vehicles parked on private driveway encroaching on footways.

·           Legal - Vehicle crossings are constructed in accordance with section 184 of the Highways Act 1980. This section sets out the requirements for a local authority regarding vehicle access to and from the public highway.


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Chief Officer Responsible for the report:


Helene Vergeareau

Traffic and Highways Development Manager


Tel No. 01904 552077



James Gilchrist

Assistant Director Transport, Highways and Environment


Report Approved




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Annex 1 – Draft Vehicle Crossing Policy