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Covid-19 in York: Public Health Data - One Page Summary (as at 7.12.20)

Key Impacts

·         As at 6.12.20 York has had 5,753 cases since the start of the pandemic, a rate of 2,731.5 per 100,000 of population. The rate in York is above the national average (2,627.8) but below the regional average (4,013.9).

·         The latest official “validated” rate of new Covid cases per 100,000 of population for the period 25.11.20 to 1.12.20 was 65. The national and regional averages at this date were 149.5 and 173.9 respectively (using data published on on 6.12.20).

·         As at 4.12.20, the latest 7 day positivity rate in York (Pillar 2 only) was 2.07%. The national and regional averages are 6.2 % and 6.7% respectively.

·         There have been 191 deaths of CYC residents, 83 of which were in care homes.  There have been 19 deaths of CYC residents reported by ONS in the last 7 weeks.  The overall death rate in York is below the England average but a higher % of deaths of York residents have occurred in care homes.

Impact by age and gender

·         52% of those testing positive in York have been aged under 30.  55% of those testing positive in York are female.  49.7% of those who died were male, a lower proportion that the national average (55.4%). The average age of the people who died was 82.5, with an age range of 53-104.


·         The 7 day rate of cases per 100,000 in York has been falling since the peak of 445 on 16.10.20. National and regional rates  are also falling.




NHS Test and Trace

·         Since 28.5.20  a total of 4,600 laboratory confirmed CYC Covid cases have been uploaded into the NHS Test and Trace system and4,059 of the cases have been completed (88.2%). 13,032 ‘contacts’ have been identified and 7,847 of these have been completed (60.2%). Between 22.10.20 and 27.11.20, 321 ‘actionable’ positive COVID-19 CYC cases have been referred to the local contact tracing service. 321 of the referrals (100%) have been actioned.  Of the referrals actioned, 240 (74.8%) were successful and 81 (25.2%) were unable to be reached via phone or home visit, but guidance leaflets were posted where possible.

A weekly release of Covid-19 data is published on York Open Data.