You are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of the Parish Council to be held on Monday, 16 November, 2020 via video conferencing.  Business will commence at 19.00 hours.  Access to the meeting is via the following link:-

Meeting ID: 815 9849 8745
Passcode: 341631


1   Notices of the Meeting, Receipt of Apologies and Approving Reasons for Absence
2   To Receive Declarations of Interest on any Items on the Agenda
3   To Receive Reports on Police Matters
4   To Approve the Minutes of the Virtual Meeting held on 19 October, 2020
5    Membership of the Council – Co-option to Casual Vacancies
6   To consider any Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Previous Meeting
     A  20.10.07 – Thinking York from the Villages event
     B  20.10.07 – Trial Road Layout and Consultation on Outer Ring Road
     C  20.10.10B – Attendance at Remembrance Ceremony
     D  20.10.10C – Update on Covid 19 Support Grant
7   To Receive Correspondence Since the Previous Meeting Other Than That
     Circulated for Information
     A  COYC – Update on Restructure of Local Government
     B  YLCA  - Code of Conduct – Further Consultation by the Committee of
     Standards in Public Life
     C  Resident – Relating to Planning Applications Involving the
     Felling of Trees
     D  JRHT – Temporary Closure of the Entrance to the Folk Hall Car Park
     E  New Earswick Nature Reserve – Update on Access During Lock Down
     F  Environment Agency – Flooding Action Update
     G  JRHT – Response Relating to Matters Raised by New Lodge Residents
8   Planning Consultation:
     20/01982/FUL – 5 Ryehill Close, New Earswick, York YO32 4DE
     2 No. Rooflights to Rear in Association with Loft Conversion
     20/02115/TCA - All Saints Church, Church Lane, Huntington, York YO32 9RE
     Fell 1 No Cherry, 1 No Lime and 1 No Lawsonia Tree;  Crown Reduce and Lift 1 No Lime
     Tree Works in a Conservation Area
     20/02119/TCA  - All Saints Church, Church Lane, Huntington, York YO32 9RE
     Fell 2 No Hawthorns and 1 No Laburnum Tree; Crown Lift and Reduce 1 No. Holly; Prune
     10 No Yew Trees; Crown Clean 1 No Sycamore - Tree Works in a Conservation Area














9   Financial Matters
      A   To Approve the Minutes of the Finance Committee held on 11 March, 2020

      B    To Approve the Terms of Reference for the Finance Committee
      C    To Approve the Financial Regulations (Last Updated June 2019)
      D    To Arrange An Inspection of External Assets
      E     Confirmation of Completion of External Audit Review 2019-20
      F     To Approve the Payments Listed Below

      A YLCA – Good Councillors Guide                                        17.22 (26.10.20)
      B  Friends of New Earswick Pool (Section 137)                2000.00 (22.10.20)
      C  NS and I Transfer                                                          5000.00 (22.10.20)
      D  Royal British Legion (Wreath)                                           17.00 (26.10.20)
      E  Royal British Legion (Section 137)                                  300.00 (26.10.20)
      F  Mittas (Computer update)                                                  30.00 (26.10.20)
      G  Petty Cash (includes Zoom payment of £115.10            150.00 (29.10.20)
      and £30 Covid Support Grant Reimbursement)
      H  Autela Payroll Services Limited                                          64.32 (3.11.20)
      I   PKF Littlejohn LLP (External Audit)                                  240.00 (9.11.20)
      J Salary (November)                                                                         (20.11.20)

10  Items for the Next Meeting



Signed ______________________ Clerk 6 November, 2020























Sally Bruckshaw

Clerk to the Parish Council

The Folk Hall, New Earswick, York YO32 4AQ

OfficeTelephone 07391 665639